Global price rises, Inflation for 3 years?Ren Zeping: Three big hard currencies can protect the money bag

For the world economy, the trend in recent years has been towards inflation.A lot of people are suffering, generally after the ordinary person to earn the money will be saved, not to make money, so money will soon along with the development of the economy, and the expansion of the currency and become worthless, the most common topic is saving money can afford half before suites, ten years later, the toilet can only afford one by one,This is one of the phenomena of a poor man’s fear of inflation.And recently many economists have said that inflation is very long, perhaps three years long.▲ Inflation is money and assets. When inflation occurs, we naturally have no way to gain any benefits from it, so we can only choose to accept it silently, because inflation will make our income relatively higher, and our life is basically no different.But for people who don’t have money in their hands, they actually want inflation.Very simple example, for example in Shanghai, 30 years ago, someone took ten can buy Shanghai room, until now, the price of the house may have arrived at 7 to 8 digits, very terrible, ordinary people, 30 years is basically can’t make millions of, but can be assets together with the price increase, and the more expensive goods, the better,Of course, the rich don’t want deflation, or they will lose a lot of money if they can’t get more money out of their assets.So in fact, if the rich have money, it will also be affected by inflation.▲ Inflation If I had saved more than 100,000 yuan, I would not have gotten 1 million yuan with interest, so it is almost impossible to save money to fight inflation.It is also obvious that if money can be converted into goods, it will be turned into money after inflation. Instead, it is taking advantage of inflation to make money.So now you can see a lot of rich people earn a few hundred million yuan a year or are worth several hundred million yuan, let them come up with 100 million yuan cash can not come up with, it is estimated that all are investment products.▲ Investing in three hard Currencies For ordinary people, unlike many economists are not good at financial management, so what should we do to effectively avoid risks and make money to cope with inflation?Then, as introduced earlier, we need the goods in hand, not the money.The first is the real estate. Although the price of the house has been basically stable, there is still room for appreciation of the house in big cities. Although the house can not get rich like in the past, it can at least cope with inflation.▲ Real estate then is to buy precious metals, for the common people, precious metals made of collectible value of goods or very useful.For example, a deposit bank of 30,000 yuan may choose to buy a gold jewelry with 30,000 yuan and then sell it when the gold price rises after inflation. The effect is very immediate.Because the current industrial production and people’s demand is not proportional, so the precious metal can be maintained for a long time.But in the short term, there is basically no value-added ability.Bring precious metals in the third point is the leading company, investment of mainstream in the current mainstream industry, for example, such as the Internet company, also is the leading company to ensure that the future is difficult to losses, investment, in fact is a little bit a little bit more simple than imagined, but do not do suggest no investment experience, at least after some learning and observation to operate.To sum up, the above three hard currencies are indeed assets that can maintain their value for a long time, but at least they still need a certain amount of principal. For ordinary people who have no money, they should first earn money and save it to the threshold and then make choices. Do not dream of getting rich overnight.

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