A new option for mild sun protection, Keirun minimizes uv damage

In a blink of an eye, winter turns to spring, and it’s time to restock your cosmetics for a New Year.At this time, in addition to some cleansing creams, gradually rising temperatures and stronger and stronger ultraviolet light, is the focus of our response.For example, this sunscreen from Kerun is my latest stock.Let me tell you why I chose it.Krun sunscreen is a physical sunscreen specially launched by Kao for dry sensitive muscles.The pure physical bask in of ke Embellish home, for healthy skin qualitative this is used really still can, skin feels frivolous and easy to push, single zinc oxide provides bask in wave without dead Angle.And for sensitive muscles, the advantages are obvious — pure physical sunscreen is mild, non-irritating and not waterproof, so it’s easy to wash without extra makeup removal.The signature repair ingredient cetyl-PG light ethyl palmitamide is not only beneficial to replenish the interstitium of cells, but also through the activation of the PPARa pathway, and the multiple plant extracts in the formula play a good soothing anti-inflammatory effect, which can be used in sunscreen products to reduce the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation to the skin.Overall, it is a more inclined to “help in the snow” mild sunscreen products, sensitive muscle applicable.Physical sunscreen products themselves have shortcomings in skin sensation. If your skin is stable and has higher requirements for skin sensation, you can use this product as the best choice.Although physical sunscreen, cosette embellish sunscreen is using zinc oxide for the skin stimulation is small, but at the time of use, and some matters needing attention: 1, the harmonization sunscreen is compatible with cosette embellish sunscreen in skin used in the final step, before use, the other option is best compatible with cosette embellish sunscreen, need to steer clear of hyaluronic acid and polymer gelCent, because these components will react with zinc oxide, there will be dandruff on the face, or even the situation of rub mud.2, before use to shake kelun sunscreen is a milky, before use it is best to shake, to make the ingredients in sunscreen get fully mixed, so that when using it is easier to push away, it is not too greasy.3, with the way of smearing in the use of Moisturizing sunscreen, it is best to use the way of smearing to evenly smear, so that it will appear more light and comfortable.If you need to put on foundation after using sunscreen, you will find it very convenient to put on makeup, and the base makeup will become smooth.Time flies. Spring will soon be followed by summer.At this time to prepare for the future sun protection, it is necessary to have some sunscreen.For the sisters who are easy to allergic to a few skin, Ke Run this sunscreen is mild and not exciting, the effect of ultraviolet resistance is better, can be used as the first choice.

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