“Be the Pacesetter of the Province’s Development: Start again with High-quality Development of Kunming” Series of micro-interviews for leading cadres ecological priority green development

Strive to blaze a new path of ecological priority and green developmentDongchuan district party committee, deputy secretary of the district guo-dong hao dongchuan district as a member of kunming, kunming, must be closely around the study and implementation of provincial party committee and government, the development of deployment requirements, 12 second session and implement the municipal committee of the municipal CPPCC spirit, confidence determination, ecological priority, green struggled out of a high quality development of the development of the new road.We will make greater efforts to improve, transform and upgrade the industrial structure.During the “14th Five-year Plan”, Dongchuan will promote industrial transformation and upgrading according to the idea of “agriculture has its own characteristics, industry takes the lead and tourism has a breakthrough”.One industry to do special, focus on the construction of “1+N” agricultural characteristic industry system, pepper to build “one county one industry” characteristic industry.Strengthen the secondary industry, around copper based new materials, rare metals, new building materials and other traditional industries, do a good job of chain building, chain extension, strong chain, chain repair article.The third industry, the implementation of the tourism breakthrough three-year action plan, the Hongdi scenic spot to create a 4A level scenic spot, and strive to build a well-known landscape outdoor sports and leisure destination.Investment and project construction as the “lifeline” of economic development.Adhering to the service philosophy of “the government is centered around enterprises, and enterprises can do things at once”, strengthening “internal training” and “external introduction”, centering on the “three preciseness”, we will build the business environment into core competitiveness.In 2022, strive to introduce 50 projects, strive to use more than 5.4 billion yuan of domestic investment outside the city and more than 5 billion yuan of domestic investment outside the province.We will consolidate and expand poverty alleviation efforts in tandem with rural vitalization.We will fully implement the requirements of “one platform and three mechanisms” to cover all areas, improve the online and offline “dual-track” regular monitoring and early warning and support mechanisms, dynamically eliminate risks and hidden dangers, and guard the bottom line of preventing large-scale poverty reduction.We will strengthen employment and industry, strengthen labor cooperation and vocational skills training, and help all those who are willing and able to get out of poverty find employment.We will vigorously develop industries with local characteristics in rural areas, and ensure that 100% of rural households are lifted out of poverty.We will work to complete the formulation of plans for rural revitalization at the three levels of district, town, and village, and see that these plans are implemented.We will continue to build demonstration centers for rural revitalization in one town and 11 villages.The political orientation and value pursuit of giving priority to ecology should be firmly established.A total of 120,000 mu of barren hills, economic forests, afforestation of mountains in small river basins, afforestation of small rivers and rivers, and ecological restoration of wetlands were carried out over five years with an investment of 2 billion yuan, aiming to increase the forest coverage rate of the whole region by more than one percentage point every year.Do a good job on green mine upgrading and transformation, and build 17 green mines by 2025;Construction of national independent industrial and mining areas, strive to the end of 2023, independent industrial and mining area economic aggregate of more than 1.1 billion yuan, more than 2000 new jobs.We will do a good job in water control, systematically improve water resources, water ecology, water environment and water safety, and ensure that the water quality of all areas controlled by the state and provinces and water sources reaches 100% standards.In 2023, it will become a provincial-level demonstration county of ecological civilization construction, and in 2025, it will be successfully declared as the national practice and innovation base of “Two Mountains”.As a modern industrial site and a pilot area of new urbanization in Kunming, Anning will carry out “four strategies” and “one activity”, striving to be the leader of the province’s economic and social development.Industry city, strive to be the provincial industry strong provincial pacesetter.Anning will formulate the five-year action plan of “Establishing Industry as a city”, and clearly build “2+1+5” industrial cluster — to build the “two advantages” of 100 billion petrochemical industry and black and non-ferrous metallurgy and pressing industry;A new hundred-billion industrial cluster of new energy battery materials;Five strategic emerging industries, including biomedicine, digital economy, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, environmental protection industry, strive to reach 100 billion YUAN GDP by 2025, the city’s total industrial output value of 250 billion yuan, strive to reach 300 billion yuan.At the same time, Anning will benchmark the business environment of the developed areas in China, and build anning’s business environment into the leading one in the province and the first-class one in China.By providing good services to enterprises and promoting the rapid implementation and construction of projects, we will realize the transformation, transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and accelerate the cultivation of emerging industries.”Kun an Rong City”, strive to be the provincial urban and rural construction management pacesetter.Actively integrate into the construction of Kunming as a regional international center city, and create a gateway for Kunming to open to the west;We will promote the beauty of rural areas across the country, use the standards of scenic spots to build rural areas, and realize the beauty of cities and rural areas.Give priority to ecology and strive to be the pacesetter in the construction of ecological civilization in the whole province.We will continue our efforts to protect our blue sky, clear water, and clear land, promote the recycling of industrial waste, and develop a circular economy and a green and low-carbon economy. We will carry out ecological restoration of abandoned mines and mineral pits, and continue to protect natural forests.By 2025, the rate of good air will remain above 99%, the forest coverage rate will reach 54.3%, the industrial energy intensity will drop below 1.0, and the city will be built into a national demonstration city for ecological progress.Common prosperity, strive to become the province to improve the well-being of the people in the vanguard.In terms of income, per capita GDP will reach over 30,000 US dollars by 2025.Urban per capita disposable income reached 61,000 yuan, and rural per capita disposable income reached 32,000 yuan, narrowing the income gap between urban and rural residents to within 2:1.Focus on the goal of balanced high-quality education county and strong western education city to build “good schools around the people”;Pay close attention to the reform of the medical community and build the province’s first batch of healthy cities.Carry out thoroughly “drive test” activity, strive to be the pacesetter of provincial cadre troop style construction.On the basis of the original target management evaluation system, set “customize target” for each unit, will “want me to do” into “I want to do,” maximize stimulate the cadre’s subjective initiative, to promote the streets, departments for gap, supplement the short board, accurate calibration, do strong advantage, inspire work potential, encourage upward and outward than running down,, fully carry rushed,Finally achieve the purpose of “jumping up and picking peaches”.Let “efficiency Jinning” brand do a good job and play loudlyYang Wanhong of jinning district party committee, deputy secretary of the warden Facing the new situation, requirements for bouncy, jinning area will be comprehended, earnestly implement, closely around the “international health tourism demonstration area, health tourism destinations” development orientation, in order to “slow shall not, and shall not,” the work sense of responsibility, for being a good points to contribute to the province’s economic and social development in kunming.Jinning district will promote efficiency as a distinctive feature of the banner.In recent years, Jinning district has forged a number of backbone teams in the past critical battles of cracking development problems.Jinning will take advantage of the situation, set off a move really hit the hard “efficiency revolution”, fully stimulate and mobilize the cadre team officer entrepreneurial spirit, in jinning high quality development to temper the quality of excellent “Jinning iron army”, let “efficiency Jinning” brand dry beautiful, play loud.Jinning District will always take dianchi Lake protection and management as the premise of all work.Dianchi lake protection governance is a precondition for economic and social development of jinning movement, to play the “lake revolution” to be completed, it must be firmly hold dianchi lake protection bottom line governance red line, ecological and environmental protection and urban development limit, pays special attention to the prevention and control of agricultural non-point source pollution, steadily push forward the dianchi lake-ring road near lake on one side of the agricultural industrial structure adjustment, to protect the dianchi 53 kilometers south of lake strandline,Cooperate with the construction of dianchi Ecological corridor.Only by insisting on ecological priority and green development, can we win a broader space for development, and strive to find a new demonstration way of giving priority to dianchi Lake protection and management, giving priority to people’s livelihood, and developing economic transformation at the same time.Jinning District will always take industrial transformation as the grasp of strategic opportunities.Give full play to the unique geographical advantages of being located in the core hinterland of kunkun-Jade urban agglomeration and central Yunnan Urban agglomeration, promote the construction of high-quality agricultural, cultural and tourism complex in villages along the lake as a whole, and cultivate new growth points of economic development.To establish the demonstration county of “one county and one industry” in Yunnan Province as the starting point, promote the construction of green and efficient flower production facilities, and build the brand of “Jinning Rose”.(Kunming Daily reporter Xu Jianfang Yuan)

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