Changan CS55PLUS adopts the front McPherson independent suspension and the rear multi-link combination

The roof spoiler, rear enclosure and other components are decorated with silver panels to enhance the texture of the vehicle.And in this era of appearance level justice, changan CS55 PLUS shape design is quite good.The front part of the car, with a polygonal intake design, also has a large chrome trim, connected to the sides of the lamp set, giving the whole car a sharp look.It can not only realize the “god operation” of freeing young people’s feet, but also free their hands and automatically follow the car when the road condition is good.The IACC integrated adaptive cruise system installed on the new changan CS55 PLUS reaches L2 level of autonomous driving, with a cruising speed of 60 to 150km/h.The new Changan CS55 PLUS is equipped with a full LCD dashboard in the car. The central control adopts a dual-screen design consisting of a 10.25-inch high-definition large screen and a 1920*720 high-performance dual-screen, which can be linked between the two screens.In the interior space, changan CS55 PLUS provides a comfortable driving experience for drivers and passengers, with large space for the front head and rear legs.In terms of ride space, Changan CS55 PLUS performs well in both longitudinal space and head space.And in storage space respect, the performance of Changan CS55 PLUS is equally worthy of praise, after the back seat is put down almost pure flat space lets you be in the car to the top of one’s bent “Ge You paralysis”, need not worry about the cramped feeling that the space is not enough and brings completely.In terms of active safety, Changan CS55 PLUS is equipped with the third-generation ESC new body electronic stability control system, and IACC can achieve L2 level of autonomous driving.The previous Changan CS55 PLUS has been equipped with full-speed ACC, PAB automatic emergency braking system, 360° high-definition panoramic video recording, and so on.In addition, changan CS55 PLUS is also equipped with a powerful safety function — IACC integrated adaptive cruise system, whose working speed range is 0-130km/h.In urban road conditions, changan CS55 PLUS locates the rear subframe in the front and back directions on the basis of the front McPherson rear multi-link independent suspension structure, making the vehicle have more excellent stability and bring better comfort.In fact, Changan CS55 PLUS did not disappoint us this time, bringing changan CS55 PLUS to the Whole vehicle owners’ club in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The biggest highlight of this car is that it understands what the Chinese market needs with high-quality materials and higher configuration, and these two features are also the current consumers value.In the suspension, chang ‘an CS55 PLUS uses the front McPherson independent suspension and the rear multi-link type combination.

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