Start!Super Easter egg welfare, five themes of interaction, the strongest flavor is really in the sword gate

New Year’s Eve 2022 is just two days away!Have you arranged your holiday activities?Have you planned your Spring Festival travel?If only at home eating sugar oranges, eating melon seeds, watching the Spring Festival Gala…That’s so un-Festive!The best Flavor of the 2022 Spring Festival has been prepared for you!From the first day of the first lunar month to the fifth day of the First lunar month of the Spring Festival, “Intangible Cultural Heritage Visual Feast” is staged. “New Year’s Custom Egg” is not the same every day. Happy Jianmen Chinese New Year countdown one day invites you to have a happy reunion.Good peer oct launch salute joy westward journey package a card play four scenic spot scanning the qr code below 299 yuan up to play the Chinese year first order ~ ❤ 2 # 3 package Surprises everyday benefits have not close the Spring Festival, carnival non-stop triple surprise gift bag and pored over, don’t miss a heavy day he tiger gift certificate Buy gifts fifty percent consumption f coupon value 288 yuan,120,000 pieces of free delivery to the home of the two welfare theme packages, The Spring Festival limited time 50% off to grab the double gift free tiger package original price of 255 yuan, The Spring Festival special 128 yuan including Jianmen pass area tickets, jianmen long song tickets, shuangqi Beautiful village tickets (50% off, plus 288 yuan lucky coupon) comfortable tiger package original price of 166 yuan,The Spring Festival special price is 58 yuan, including jianmen long song tickets, shuangqi Beautiful village tickets (3.4 discount, plus 188 yuan lucky coupon)200+ performances for free!Years of common blessing to get home, sugar painting sugar people enjoy every day to find the flavor of the New Year, the New Year will come to the Sword door closed Spring Festival, play any you choose delicious good play happy, the strongest annual meeting here to see!1 # hesui xi li Golden tiger send blessing during the Spring Festival, the sword door closed scenic spot will send set limit to “customize I tiger year everyone” in the New Year to send to you the most heartfelt blessing a happy New Year on year 2 # nonyl Yin fu tiger tiger blessing ceremony The acting New Year after the year of the tiger Spring Festival with intangible tour sword door folk drama, make lanterns, hanfu performance for you to create a visual feast during the Spring Festival, intangibleNorth and south gate, customs tower, glass viewing platform come to live experience itCome to Jianmen Pass, don’t forget to take photos with “New Year flavor” custom punch point as a memento and unlock the year of the Tiger creative family photo together with friends circle 4#”New Year’s Flavor Market” opens in Jianmen Pass to experience traditional handmade sugar paintings, local scenery of sweet gourd in childhood, cultural New Year’s Ritual, and all kinds of unexpected New Year’s goods markets, bringing you back to the “New Year’s Flavor” in your memoryFun to play sword gate scenic area along the road also set up a number of years of popular entertainment projects in Liu Bei customs office personally write down the word “blessing” happily bring “blessing” home fun custom patterns Hi play waiting for you to punch the Spring Festival 2022 Spring Festival blessing gift to surprise countdown tiger New Year egg pull full expectations of the first to the fifth day of the first monthOf course, what is indispensable is the sense of ceremony. The wish card will be hung on the Jianmen pass to send the best New Year wishes to the family. There will also be a lion dance ceremony to touch the eyes at 9am on the first day of the SPRING FESTIVALSweet gift bag big delivery when the FESTIVAL of the New Year meet sweet candy sweet painting style indulge in the sea of candy let you at ease to enjoy the SPRING good “eat” light tiger year of SPRING FESTIVAL charm tiger three tiger fu sword doorOn the occasion of the SPRINGFESTIVAL, I wrote down the Chinese character “fu” in ink to express my wishes for a happy life and my wishes for a better future. Congratulations on the New Year of the tiger.On the fifth day of the New Year, we gathered at Jianmen Pass to add good luck and health to the New Year with paper-cuts.In addition to jianmen Pass scenic spot Cuiyun Corridor will also launch Yinhu Shengwei Tour shu RoadCui cloud appreciation BaiLe New Year blessing event focus on specified WeChat public, or trill, can obtain sachets and blessed with big intones wrote in one thousand, with the family wishes to stroll out sword door closed don’t forget to double flag beauty at the foot of the mountain village feel comfortable leisure atmosphere for guests during the Spring Festival of new festival atmosphere family amusement project experience, production of national intangible cultural let you with your family to come to holiday leisureFriends and family for a long rest time ~ at the same time at the cliff sword door restaurant characteristics of forest products, agricultural special local cooking a series New Year wishes to launch “five blessings”, “New Year fortune”, “wealth and” golden tiger “New Year” topics such as the eve of the masses of tourists in the village to celebrate the Spring Festival and the double flag can taste the authentic self world food 1 #During the Spring Festival, if you participate in activities, you can receive the super cute tiger head balloon in the Park. 2# Adorable Tiger Carnival Intangible Heritage tiger head hat making, tiger head lantern DIY painted pottery making, experience the super cute tiger doll parade in The Beautiful Village and take a group photo with a punch card. 3# Adorable Pet show in The Spring Festival is sold here.Play with treasure of alpaca is darling little sheep elegant peacock, all kinds of Eva material to make over your heart # 4 clock in swim in addition there is a beautiful village, the web celebrity landmark clock in waiting for you to feel beautiful sky in the quiet world of harmony between man and nature to the workshop, to experience the local folk customs and intangible culture in time,Experience the wonderful parent-child time, climb the magnificent and breathtaking Jianshan Mountain, see the wonderful folk performances, experience the traditional intangible cultural heritage culture at close range, what are you waiting for?Come to Jianmen pass for Spring Festival!1. During the epidemic prevention and control period, Jianmen Pass strictly implements the requirements of “limited quantity, reservation and staggered peak”. Visitors must make an appointment and purchase tickets in advance, and only the health code green code can purchase tickets and gate machines into the park.2. Sichuan Tianfu Health code, scenic spot code and scenic spot ticket code are all in one. After booking tickets, tourists must bring their ID cards to enter the park.3. Visitors are requested to take personal protective measures, wear masks at all times, and accept temperature detection consciously.Keep an interval of more than 1.5 meters when queuing for temperature measurement, ticket purchasing and ticket checking.END

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