Suzhou Urban management Bureau yongqiao Branch: Promote the garden renovation to create a clean garden environment

With the deepening of the construction of civilized cities across the country, the quality of the general public has been significantly improved, and the bad habit of littering everywhere has been greatly reduced.Due to the improvement of the environmental quality of the city garden, the number of people who go to the garden every day for exercise, leisure, parties, flowers and scenery is increasing, and still produce a lot of garbage.In order to comprehensively improve the fine management level of the park and provide a comfortable leisure environment for the citizens, the municipal (garden) management office of the nearest bridge branch of Suzhou City Administration Bureau launches the renovation of the park in spring.One is to carry out the inspection and maintenance of park facilities, afforestation and road, square, lawn cleaning, to ensure that the urban park environment clean, clean, improve the park square refined management level, to provide a comfortable leisure environment for the masses of citizens.Two is to organize the park management staff to increase the frequency of tour cleaning, cleaning the area of each park, the park pool of cigarette butts, paper debris and other debris thoroughly cleaned up, the garbage in the suitcase timely transport;Wash, wipe and disinfect the sanitation and fitness facilities in the park, effectively remove the dust on the park road, and create a clean and refreshing environment for the park.The third is to strengthen the conservation of garden green seedlings, increase the frequency of irrigation, and combined with the seasonal change of pruning flowers and shrubs, to ensure that the garden green seedlings grow well.With practical action for the public to create a clean, beautiful garden environment.(Yun Hyun-min)

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