The second round of double first-class will not guide college entrance examination and recruitment

First of all, why do people pay so much attention to double first-class? It is because the school is eager to use double first-class to break the pattern of 985,211 and achieve a breakthrough.Because 985,211 universities will never change again, so we can only start from a new aspect, that is, double first-class!Therefore, the first round of the double first-class construction distinguishes first-class universities and first-class disciplines. Many people regard the double first-class university as a copy of the 985, and the double first-class discipline is a copy of the 211. In the first round of the double first-class construction, Xinjiang University, Yunnan University and Zhengzhou University stand out.Just more specific disciplines and majors.Therefore, whether it is academic research, social recruitment or college entrance examination, everyone accepts.Even the double first-class A-class universities have higher gold content than the previous 985 universities.However, the second round of the list has blurred the distinction between a top university and a top discipline.For example, only five years on the cloud New Deal directly lost the hat.In addition, when first-class universities were designated as “B class”, it was supposed to leave room for “some in and some out”, but now it has been eliminated.If there are no further changes, then all universities with first-class disciplines will be able to advertise themselves as first-class universities.Then there are problems: 1. There must be differences and grades between recruitment and college entrance examination, otherwise the purpose of screening cannot be achieved.If social recruitment and the college entrance exam treat all the 140-plus schools as top universities to distinguish them from the rest, the number of top universities will be too large to serve the purpose of screening and differentiating.2. If only the first-class disciplines are recognized in the college entrance examination and recruitment, it can be distinguished.Then there are too few first-class disciplines to meet demand.For example, if I am an enterprise and I want to recruit talents for communication engineering, there are only a few schools in China whose relevant majors are first-class disciplines. Should I, as an enterprise, only recruit students from these schools first?That can’t be enough.The country graduates 10 million students a year, and large-scale selection is impossible.If I am a student in the college entrance examination and NOW I want to apply for economics, does everyone want to squeeze into those first-class disciplines of economics?Affirmation is no good, that I read the economics major of other not first-class discipline, how does the enterprise recognize first-class discipline only when the time comes?There are also nearly 10 million examinees in China every year, but large-scale selection is not possible.3. There is a more deadly problem.Throughout the second round of first-class disciplines list, biochemical ring materials and other unpopular majors accounted for a large proportion.But social recruitment for these majors does not have such a big demand.This contradiction also affects the system.What the system needs is a large number of talents in the fields of literature, history, law, economics and social sciences. If each province selects according to the second round of first-class disciplines list, is it really necessary to select so many biochemical ring graduates into the system?Certainly not.So the probability is that the provinces will make a list of their own, like Jiangsu and Zhejiang, their designated colleges and universities out.To sum up: The second round of first-class Disciplines list cannot guide social recruitment and college entrance examination, and it is even worse than the first round of construction list in terms of guidance.Unable to respond and fit in with society’s needs.The second round of first-class construction list is most in line with the development needs of academic and scientific research industry, rather than social recruitment and college entrance examination.After the second round of the list came out, the old 985 brand polished even brighter.Employers do not have the energy to distinguish between first-class disciplines and specialties, and to distinguish between disciplines and evaluations, especially the double first-class construction of such a five-year dynamic adjustment.Then it is likely to be replaced by “domestic famous university”.As for what is the “domestic well-known university”, basically the old 985.Shanxi university and answer to hand in a title, do not expect the first-class discipline that wants Shanxi, do not answer to hand in not first-rate, let unit of choose and employ persons take this screen root is unrealistic.Want to break the class fundamentally is to speed up the development speed, overtaking, rather than forcibly break, forcing employers to go back to see 92.This round of double first-class in the eyes of employers is to deepen 92 status.Especially since I made so many more this round.Wait for next round of serious classics have school to get off, had better still have the word of former 211 colleges and universities, the society just can appriate double first-class content gold content more.I am @senior student Dao, a hundred number dedicated to education. 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