150 thousand also can buy joint venture compact SUV, complete configuration power is strong enough, Kia KX5 why no fire?

As we all know, the market for compact SUVs is still hot, and it’s still hot all these years, so manufacturers are gearing up to compete in this segment.With the revival of Kia and Hyundai, we have finally seen the upgrading of Korean products. Kia KX5 is a representative model.Three years ago, Kia decided to launch a mid-stage revamp of the KX5 to meet the needs of Chinese consumers, with a more refined and stylish visual experience and significantly improved configurations.Of course, there is no lack of high cost performance of Korean cars. It is still a joint venture compact SUV that can be considered for top matching within 200,000 yuan.Today we also found a real car, it is the car system low version, the guide price is 169,800 yuan, is also the lowest version of 1.6T power, cost-effective this piece can be called the joint venture compact SUV camp first-class.However, in terms of sales, Kia KX5 has not achieved ideal results, the current annual sales of less than 3,000 units, not as good as the number of rival products sold in a few days.So today, let’s take a look at why the Kia KX5 was not approved, with the help of a real car.Can the 2021 1.6T automatic two-drive deluxe meet the needs of daily mobility?Let’s take a look at the design part first. After all, it is localized adjustment for the Chinese market, so the overall style is quite bright.For example, the front face, if you remember what the old MODEL KX5 looks like, then the new one is on the original basis, will be refined and stylish again.The kia KX7-like mesh is so complex, with mesh-like and dot-like interior finishes, that it’s easy to say how sophisticated it is, a novelty in the compact SUV category.The two sides of the large light group is standard with full LED light source, LED far-far light matrix arrangement, and the turn light is four lamp belt design, the identification is also no problem.As a standard joint venture compact SUV, Kia KX5 is still the same size, 4550*1855*1655mm length, width and height and 2670mm wheelbase, bringing a compact and full body visual effect.Especially the line is more mellow, but also draw the outline of the atmosphere, suitable for urban household travel.However, the 18-inch aluminum rims offer a sporty feel and are almost standard, so the difference between high and low models is greatly reduced.To the tail, the design basically continues the outline of the old model, but has been improved for details, such as the application of the penetrating taillight group, the shape is naturally more modern than the old model, especially the internal structure is more complex, with the APPLICATION of LED light source, the recognition is naturally very outstanding after lighting.Therefore, Chinese special supply is not without its advantages, at least in line with the mainstream aesthetic.In addition to the rear surrounding, we also saw the real double exhaust layout, oval design also brings a certain sense of movement.Sit in the car, the central console shape is still quite simple, consistent with the overall style of the appearance, a look is pragmatic family car positioning.But to do so is not enough, most people have become accustomed to this kind of collocation, such as instrument panel suspension liquid crystal screen, 10.25 inch belong to mainstream dimension, built-in car machine system also belong to the mainstream, as navigation display roads, CarLife mobile interconnection, voice recognition and control all car networking functions, meet the basic requirements of the Internet.However, the dashboard did not use full LCD, but a 7 inch LCD + traditional pointer, pour clear at a glance, practical or pretty good.In fact, in the past few years, Korean brands are equivalent to the existing positioning of independent brands, to attract consumers with high cost performance and multi-configuration.For example, under the premise that the guide price is less than 170,000 yuan, the low-rated version we test drive today has active safety configuration such as lane departure warning, lane keeping assist and active brake, which is obviously rare at the same level.If you choose the higher-level refresh, there are parallel assistance, panoramic imaging and adaptive cruise, with L2 autonomous driving capability.In addition, the two-drive luxury model has practical features such as wireless charging of the front phone, electric adjustment of the front seat, heating and ventilation, which are definitely in line with the price tag.After all, the KIA KX5 is mainly for family travel.From the front seat performance is no groove point, whether it is the visual effect brought by the leather material with red stitching ornament, or the comfort brought by the internal thick filling, as well as rich functional applications, completely reached the same level of mainstream level.But the rear seats are thinner and stiffer than the front seats, and the cushions aren’t as long as they should be, making them more suitable for women and children.In terms of power, kia KX5 offers 2.0L and 1.6T engines, and this test drive version is the 1.6T entry-level version.In terms of parameters, the maximum power is 130kW, and the maximum torque is 265N·m. It is matched with a 7-gear dual clutch gearbox, which can meet the performance requirements of basic transportation. After all, this engine can release the maximum torque at 1500RPM, and it is relatively light to drive in the early stage.However, the chassis texture is a little worse than that of the German competitors at the same level. In the face of speed bumps or large potholes, there will be more obvious vibration, and this situation may only be improved after the replacement.Summary: After a brief understanding, kia KX5 has obvious advantages and disadvantages. Configuration, cost performance and design are its highlights, while dynamics and comfort are slot points.Of course, the vehicle itself product performance is also good, that is, the brand influence is poor.

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