150,000 clothes for a fraction of what they sold!Some clothing factory inventory accounted for as high as 70% last year!

These days textile owners sit in the shops, not only waiting for customers to pay, but also insisting on selling down jackets.There are many enterprises selling down jackets in the sales department this year, and the style and quantity are richer than in previous years.That means there are more down jackets this year.01 Clothing inventory is as high as 60%-70% down jacket loss-making sale We find that no matter what enterprises are selling clothing, its price is selling price, very cheap.According to our research, most of the down jackets on the market are usually sold at 200 yuan/piece, but to the end of the year, the price is lower and lower, only 80 yuan/piece.Liu, who produces down jacket fabric, said: “This year’s down jacket inventory is really a lot, and the market is selling goods.In the past, a down jacket cost 200 yuan, but the maximum was 180 yuan a year ago, but this year, the price has dropped to 80 yuan.Sell at a loss, do not sell no funds, workers wages are not sent out!”Yang Hua, general manager of Haining Falloren Garment Co, said he has been in the garment industry for more than 20 years and has encountered a “cold winter” in the garment industry.In 2021, the factory will produce 150,000 pieces of clothes. Currently, there are 100,000 pieces in stock, only one-third of which have been sold.”Every year, we stock up to 10 to 15 percent of the clothes we produce, which means about 15,000 to 20,000 pieces. But this year, we only sold a third of them, and the inventory is as high as 60 to 70 percent,” Yang said.02 cash into clothing inventory clothing factory is unable to pay the balance at the end of the year and other payments will appear in the textile market every year, there is receivables is inevitable, seems to be a widespread textile industry, is also a perennial problem.Yet receivables have been worse than usual this year.Receivables are bigger, repayment periods are longer than in previous years and they are harder to come by.Normally, garment factories start placing orders for down jackets from upstream companies in July or August, but this year they appear to have been placed earlier.Looking back on the market situation of 2021, June should have gradually entered the off-season, but there was an improvement in orders, among which the grey fabric of winter clothing fabrics such as Siwan elastic, T400, Spring sub-spinning, Nylon spinning was in the majority, and the grey fabric market was hot again.Since June, some textile owners began to stock up on down jackets, but elastic fabrics such as Four sides elastic and T400 are hot all year round, which also shows that there are garment factories producing down jackets all year round.03 epidemic situation hinders wholesalers to take goods offline clothing stores bleak clothing sales golden period this year, just met repeated epidemic situation.In October, it was the time for winter stores to load goods. However, due to repeated epidemic, wholesalers could not go out to pick up goods, and local stores could not operate normally. These clothes were stuck in the warehouse and did not reach the market.In December, the epidemic situation became serious again. At that time, it was the peak season of terminal sales, few people went shopping, and the predicted “cold winter” was still in the future. The weather was not cold, and the offline store business was miserable.In addition to the impact of the epidemic, the inability of factories to keep up with production capacity is another reason for the poor efficiency.When a garment becomes a popular style in the market, it must be reordered. However, due to the shortage of fabrics in the downstream, the factory’s capacity completely fails to keep up with the market demand, and the volume of popular styles fails to rise, so the profit is very thin.When the garment factory places an order in July or August, part of the payment is not paid until October or November. However, the rest of the payment cannot be paid because the clothes are not sold and the money is in stock.At this time, the fabric supplier can only choose to take the clothes or wait for the manufacturer to sell the clothes and then pay.But at the same time, the fabric business needs to pay his suppliers. In order to transfer funds, he has no choice but to take clothes and sell down jackets in the sales department.A garment factory’s down jacket inventory reached 100,000 pieces, it can be seen that the clothing inventory of the whole industry has really become a day amount this year.For example, if the cost of a piece of clothing is about 100 yuan, then 100,000 pieces means 10 million yuan of capital is covered in these clothes. If the clothes are not realized, the enterprise will face a crisis.In addition to staff salaries can not be paid in time, the more worrying is that the capital chain is broken, the factory plate is not alive, next year’s production will be a big problem.2022 is still a challenge for the entire textile industry.From the market at the end of the year, we saw many new opportunities and hope, but the amount of inventory is a great difficulty, to next year’s production also formed constraints, if there is no capital production, that waiting for them may be closed, shut down……

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