Changping detachment of the construction site to carry out fire safety inspection

In order to further do a good job in the construction site fire safety management, the assistant resumed work and production, On February 19, changping District fire rescue detachment to the construction site under construction to carry out fire safety inspection.Inspection group focusing on the construction site fire safety system and emergency evacuation plan formulation, the field looked at the construction worker dormitory fire safety environment, construction site temporary fire water supply, fire lane, equipped with fire fighting equipment, use of fire electricity other legal conditions is in line with the national standards, and the person in the special type of work such as electrician, welder whether through fire safety training,Whether holding a certificate to check the situation.The general contractor of the project is required to thoroughly clean up combustible materials and strengthen the inspection of living areas at night.Inspection team on the construction site fire safety management work put forward three requirements: one is to implement the main responsibility of fire safety, the construction party and the construction party to clear responsibilities, work together to form a joint force, especially the management of flammable and explosive items, electric vehicles, comprehensively promote the implementation of fire management measures in place;The second is to implement the safety management of staff dormitories, to prevent blocking evacuation channels, pulling electrical lines, illegal use of fire and electricity and other hidden dangers;Third, strengthen fire safety publicity, education and training, and effectively improve the awareness of fire safety and emergency handling ability of all staff.Next, According to the overall deployment of fire prevention and control work in winter and spring, Changping Detachment will further strengthen the consciousness of the main responsibility of fire safety at the construction site, improve the level of fire safety management, and ensure the fire safety at the construction site.

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