Changping “risk prevention, safety protection, winter Olympics” forest fire comprehensive combat drill successfully completed!

To effectively integrate changping district forest fire professional rescue quality power resources, running in optimization of emergency command linkage mechanism, build information sharing networks of emergency command, improve forest fire team coordination ability of fire engines, recently, the area of emergency management agency and the Beijing Ming tombs forestry administration organized to carry out the “risk prevention, safe and meet the games” forest fire in combination with practice,Escort the Beijing Winter Olympics with concrete actions.The joint drill was divided into routine classes (groups) and forest fire pumps to demonstrate fire suppression with water and simulate the suppression of forest fires in the boa National Forest Park in Changping District.Focus on the training of receiving tasks, emergency response, district-level disposal, scientific rescue, joint action, extinguish open fire three stages.More than 150 troops, 100 sets of various types of equipment, 4 unmanned aerial vehicles and 15 sets of various types of vehicles were dispatched.Through the exercise, multi-department emergency response, joint operations and scientific disposal capabilities were enhanced.Changping district will be the practice as an opportunity to further sum up experience, 20, fire control, fire protection responsibility, command system, such as key, and to improve prediction, emergency command, emergency rescue, such as ability, resolutely fight forest fire resistance, for the Beijing Olympic winter paralympic games held and the party’s two big build good, safe environment.

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