The Cavs have relied heavily on Lebron for the last 20 years.No player has ever been so valued

With Lebron James winning the NBA MVP title with the Lakers, he’s locked into one very great honor: having his jersey retired from three NBA teams.James could even activate a milestone by becoming the first player in history to retire four jerseys.In Cavs, James is the first player in franchise history to retire his no. 23 jersey.With the Heat, James is the greatest player in franchise history, a two-time NBA MVP and will have his no. 6 jersey retired.With the Lakers, James wore no. 6 and no. 23. Now, no. 23 will be retired, and no. 6 will be retired depending on whether James leads the team to championships in the future.Lebron James is a perennial subject of conversation with the Cavs.This year’s All-Star in Cleveland Cavaliers home held, James in the first round behind Curry more than 500,000 votes under the situation, the second round to narrow the gap to 70,000, the third round of more than 800,000 votes, the final result directly lead nearly 1.5 million votes, no doubt to become the all-star vote king!James’ influence has always been unique, and this time in the Cavs’ home all-star game, James is the absolute ticket king.According to a January 31 report, a Cavs reporter wrote an article analyzing James and the Cavs.”The Cavs have relied on lebron for the last 20 years,” he said.Even if he leaves the team, he wants to recruit back!No player has ever been so valued!”The Cavs’ Lebron era is over,” he said. “They don’t have a future without him unless he wants to go back on tour.””Lebron and the Cavs, or rather Lebron and the Cavs’ owners, have always been a partnership,” the team wrote.Gilbert needs James to win, and James needs Gilbert to make a team.James and Gilbert did their best. They did their job together.For the past two decades, the Cavs have been Lebron.The Cavs will say, we have to suck and get Lebron with the No. 1 pick.The Cavs will say, with lebron, we have to win!The Cavs will also say, Lebron left the team, we have to recruit him back!The Cavs are like, Lebron is back, we have to win!The Cavaliers have relied on James for two decades.I don’t know of any player in professional sports who has ever been so highly regarded.It’s scientific, because he’s the first super.However, the same reporter said that after James left the team four years ago, the Cavs started a different strategy, there was no rebuilding period for James.He wrote: The Cavs knew James was no longer their strategy, and the Cavs were rebuilding faster than anyone thought.If Lebron wants to go back to the Cavs for his retirement tour, sure.However, the Cavs believe that James may not return to Cleveland.James’ desire to play with his son was also noted by the team.Unlike the Cavs, he thinks James could return for one final season and possibly play with his oldest son, Brownie.James once joked to the reporter, ‘I want to play brownie before I retire.’James achieved that goal with Space Jam 2, but that “son” was just his son in the movie.

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