Why is the relatively pitiful area of Harbin, Jiangbei State-level new District Sunchuangmao Area, pitiable

Today, when I passed by Songbei Rongchuang MAO area after work, I felt that it was really very prosperous here. Not only the main street, but also the street shops on the auxiliary street were brightly lit and the roadside was full of cars.The area as a whole, the amusement park in Harbin, melting and mau at this point, the growing popularity of the tourist season natural needless to say, and from the perspective of urban construction, melting and mau opposite is the only imo pieces of Harbin, with CBD office, high potential of city science and technology innovation, can be said to be the most modern Harbin, with a strong taste of city area too much.So, having said all that, why is this area pathetic?Yes, indifference is the traffic, this area is located in the north three-ring, because there is no any track traffic, so the traffic is very developed, travel only drive with bus can choose, the subway, needless to say, it will start in the short term, he said Harbin will run of rail, unexpectedly also because of the cause of the subway line 4, is not in harmony and site.This is typical rail transit construction dragging down the urban development and construction of the hind leg, from the whole national new district construction, here has become the most prosperous area in Songbei, can be said to be the core area of Harbin, but this drag back, but to the here.

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