Comrade Wang Qiushi went deep into the grassroots police station to visit the frontline police, auxiliary police

On February 1, the day of the Spring Festival, Wang Qiushi, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, visited the frontline police and auxiliary police in the youyi Road police station of the suburban public Security Sub-bureau, and sent holiday greetings and gifts.Fang Dongxin, standing Member of CPC Municipal Committee, Secretary General, Minister of United Front Work Department and Secretary of Qianjin District Party Committee accompanied and expressed condolences.During this period, Wang qiushi shook hands with the policemen on duty one by one and had cordial conversations with them. He extended His New Year’s greetings to the policemen and auxiliary policemen who fought on the front line during the festival. He also went into the canteen and lounge of the police station to learn about the logistics support of the policemen and the work and life of the new policemen during the festival.Comrade in the police station integrated operations qiu-shi wang watched the community management services such as video monitoring function is introduced and a live demonstration, the strategy of public security science and technology strong police and police station “one room is two teams” affirmed his reform efforts, and to participate in the Beijing Olympics security video connection, the stability work overseas to duty police on holiday wishes to them.He pointed out that in of the gathering of the Spring Festival, and the police of the public security organs auxiliary police work, selfless dedication, made great contribution for the people to celebrate the festival in the city, to the police, the auxiliary police and family holiday greetings, hope you make persistent efforts, made new again, for the Beijing Olympics held victory to create a safe and stable social environment.Wang Qiushi, a member of the case handling team and community policing team of the police station, listened to the report on the verification of epidemic data and highly praised the public security organs for their positive contributions to epidemic prevention and control.COVID – 19 outbreak, challenges faced, he notes, the city’s public security organs to take, as actively, adhere to the epidemic prevention and control of day and night line, active research and development is reported to the promotion of “good” program, for accurate have made outstanding contributions to the epidemic prevention and control of the city’s public security organs is to continue to play a role of function, pressure ShiLa by various epidemic prevention measures, determined to build the epidemic prevention and control in the city.City public security Bureau party committee member, deputy director, traffic police detachment leader Zhang Mutian, suburban government deputy district chief, public security bureau party committee secretary, director Yan Qiang attended the condolance activities.Information source: Suburban Public Security BureauJiamusi municipal public security bureau news center to swagger escort the new journey, new era — to visit jiamusi deputy mayor, city public security bureau chief nwill City public security bureau at the city’s public security organs “summer of peace” great battle summary commendation and municipal public security bureau meeting winter training and consolidation mobilization deployment for the Chinese people’s police warning flag flag raising ceremony and the public security organ, the people’s police oath sworn activities

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