In 1955, a soldier refused to be a deputy commander and chose to return to his hometown to be a farmer

The world generally chooses fame and fortune, but there are always some people who choose to be indifferent to it.After the era of war, new China was founded.Yang Jinhua is zhu commander-in-chief side of the police, commander-in-chief zhu’s work is very helpful, so in 1955, the organization will be Promoted to Deputy commander Yang Jinhua.But unexpectedly Yang Jinhua refused to be a deputy commander, but chose to be a farmer.The ancients said: “Take history as a mirror, you can know the rise and fall.”Through the ancestors pay, can let people cherish this hard-won good life.In the war-torn era there are many people sacrifice their own lives, Yang Jinhua is zhu commander-in-chief side of the police, for zhu commander-in-chief’s work is crucial.But the organization will be Yang Jinhua deputy commander was rejected, Yang Jinhua chose to return to the construction of his hometown.Huang an gave birth to a number of excellent revolutionary soldiers, who made great contributions to the new China.It was renamed Hong An because of its outstanding spirit of red.Hong ‘an is also the place where Yang Jinhua was born. Yang Jinhua was born in a place where revolutionary ancestors were outstanding, and was naturally influenced by the spirit of patriotism, so as to devote his life to the revolutionary cause.Yang Jinhua was born in a war-torn era, when the trumpeter of the October Revolution in Russia brought socialist communism to China.At that time, a large number of ambitious young people in China actively followed the footsteps of the country.Yang Jinhua was deeply influenced by this spirit, so he joined the Communist Party and fought hard for national construction and development.Yang jinhua has a patriotic spirit and joined the Communist Party when he was young, but he did not become lazy because he was young. Instead, he worked hard.As long as Yang Jinhua received the instruction of the superior he will immediately execute not careless, and work conscientiously due diligence.As a result, Yang was also well liked by the leaders in the army, and Yang, the police officer who promoted him as Commander Zhu, was more careful when he was around Commander Zhu.For the tasks given to him by Commander-in-chief Zhu, he always pays all his energy to complete them, and the tasks are completed very well.Zhu commander-in-chief to see Yang Jinhua’s efforts, more willing to hand over their own tasks to him.Commander-in-chief Zhu was one of the important upper echelons at that time and played a crucial role in China’s construction.Therefore, Commander-in-chief Zhu always had many important documents and things to deal with.Yang Jinhua is zhu commander-in-chief at that time very trust of the people, every day by osmosis also learned some methods to deal with the problem.Therefore, Yang Jinhua was of great help to Commander-in-chief Zhu.After the founding of New China, the situation of the country has gradually become stable, and every aspect has become more formal.Commander-in-chief Zhu also praised the people around him. As a police officer around Commander-in-chief Zhu, Yang Jinhua played a great role in the work of Commander-in-chief Zhu.And, Yang Jinhua in office has been doing his duty, Zhu commander in chief to the superior proposed to reward Yang Jinhua.Yang Jinhua refused to deputy commander Zhu commander in chief to praise Yang Jinhua, the superior resolution will eventually promote Yang Jinhua to deputy commander.When Yang Jinhua heard the news, she was very surprised.He saw himself as a soldier from the countryside who had not been rigorously trained.Just because he grew up next to Commander-in-chief Zhu and had better luck than others, did not deserve to be appointed deputy commander.Yang Jinhua think their own credit is not worthy of promotion as deputy commander, so he found zhu commander-in-chief carefully said: “Zhu commander-in-chief I do not improper deputy commander, I do not.”Zhu commander in chief saw Yang Jinhua so refused, but there are still questions in the heart.Commander-in-chief Zhu thinks that ordinary people to fulfill their duties is not to be promoted?Yang Jinhua is not what unspeakable secret ah!Zhu commander-in-chief doubts, then asked Yang Jinhua: “You don’t want to be deputy commander, that you want to be what ah?What do you have in mind?”It’s not surprising that Yang believes he’s been doing his job all these years because it’s what he does.Moreover, zhu’s safety was crucial during the war, but he himself had not undergone rigorous training.Yang believes that the police officers around Zhu have undergone rigorous training, and each of them is more worthy of his position than himself.The founding of new China was the moment when everything needed fixing.Born in the countryside, Yang felt he was not as well equipped militarily as the countryside.I might as well devote myself to the countryside to the best of my ability.Yang Jinhua experienced a lot of thoughts in his heart, so he said to Commander Zhu: “I beg the superior approval, let me devote myself to the countryside, to the construction of socialism.”Commander Zhu heard Yang Jinhua’s answer after a surprise.However, Commander-in-chief Zhu also thought that Yang Jinhua’s practice can play a leading role for more people, so as to promote the construction of the country.Superior know Yang Jinhua’s idea, after discussion finally agreed to Yang Jinhua’s idea.Zhu commander-in-chief with superior decision to find Yang Jinhua and he said: “Comrade Yang Jinhua, since you choose improper deputy commander, after the discussion of the superior, finally agreed that you go back home to do construction, finally, the organization to discuss or award you a” honorary commander “title.03 Yang Jinhua miss leadership of hong ‘an people have heard that Yang Jinhua was appointed deputy commander, but he resolutely refused.Instead, he returned home with an honorary title of commander.The local people praised this honorary commander repeatedly. It is the presence of such selfless people that can make the country’s grassroots construction flourish.In 1959, grain production in China decreased on a large scale, and some serious areas had no grain harvest.Ordinary people’s most basic problems are not protected.Important national leaders at this time also very anxious every day, they follow the people to eat bran and swallow vegetables every day, do not eat a meat.They show that they share the joys and sorrows of the people.Yang jinhua knows that important national leaders eat rice and vegetables every day, and he is worried about their health condition.If anything happened to any of them, the whole country would be in turmoil.So Yang killed the family’s only pig.The pig was brought to Zhu’s home in Beijing, but Zhu did not eat the pork and chose to continue like other leaders.Zhu commander in chief saw Yang Jinhua not far miss his body is very moved, so let him choose something in his warehouse to take back.Yang jinhua looked at the items in the warehouse. He knew the country was in danger, so he chose an old coat in the corner.Then he returned to the countryside with the coat.Although Yang Jinhua chose a shabby coat, but later he found that there was 500 yuan from Zhu’s saving.Zhu commander-in-chief through this way to give the money to Yang Jinhua.Yang handed over the 500 yuan to the local government and used it for education.The cause of education was also the most important thing for Commander-in-chief Zhu.Yang Jinhua dedicated his life, as a child to follow zhu commander-in-chief everywhere.Then his superiors offered him a promotion to lieutenant commander but he refused the honor.On the contrary, when he was successful, he retired to his hometown and continued to do his part for the national grassroots level.

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