In the face of disaster, thermal imaging technology, radar technology can play what role?

Search and rescue work is underway for the China Eastern airlines flight accident on March 21.According to CCTV, the rescue mission is still focused on searching for life, using thermal imagers and life detectors to conduct surface searches.In the situation of complex disaster areas how to accurately locate, quickly rescue buried in the ruins of the trapped people, is the first to face the problem of rescue personnel.This is where thermal imaging and life detectors come in handy.Thermal imager Infrared thermal imager is a kind of infrared thermal imaging technology, through the infrared radiation detection of the measured target, and signal processing, photoelectric conversion and other means, will be measured target temperature distribution image into visual image equipment.Any object with a temperature above absolute zero (-273.15 °C) emits infrared energy (heat) based on its temperature. The infrared energy emitted by an object is called its thermal signature.In general, the hotter an object is, the more radiation it emits.A thermal imager is essentially a thermal sensor that can detect and capture small temperature differences. It collects infrared radiation from objects in the scene and creates pixels and images based on the information about temperature differences.Since objects rarely have exactly the same temperature as their surroundings, the thermal imager can detect the difference and create a sharp contrast in the thermal image. This is the basic principle of infrared thermal imaging, and is conducive to searching for trapped people in complex environments or poor visibility.Lens is the optical Lens module, which collects infrared energy. Its design determines the range of the camera’s view.A Filter is a light Filter, which filters out the energy of other frequency bands that are not needed and retains only the effective infrared band.Detector is a sensor, which can be understood as CCD or CMOS in the camera module of ordinary mobile phones. It converts light energy into electrical signals.Amplifier & Signal processing is a series of data processing such as Signal amplification, analog-to-digital conversion, algorithm and so on to get image data.Real time display is the infrared image displayed on the display that the user sees last.Infrared thermal imaging technology can intuitively display the temperature field of the object surface, not affected by strong light, can be monitored in the case of shade such as trees, grass and so on.Life detector Life detector is a new safety and life saving system launched by Supervision Safety Systems in 2005.Renowned physicist and MIT doctor David Cist has revolutionized the field by creatively applying radar ultra Broadband (UWB) technology to life-saving applications.Generally speaking, life detector is based on electromagnetic wave, sound wave, light wave and other physical principles, through a dedicated sensor to transform physical signals into electrical signals, after filtering amplification, output visual or audible signals, can search, detect and search for life equipment.The products include infrared detection, audio detection, radar detection, optical detection, acoustic vibration detection and so on.At present, radar life detector is widely used and is a common life detector.But other life detectors have also been used in different situations.Radar Detector is a life detection device that integrates Radar technology and biomedical engineering technology.It mainly uses the reflection principle of electromagnetic waves, through the detection of human life activities caused by a variety of micro-movement, from these micro-movement to get breathing, heartbeat information, so as to identify whether there is life, to help search and rescue teams quickly locate trapped personnel.It has the advantages of non-contact, strong penetration, accurate positioning and detection, and can detect subtle signs of life 21 meters below the ruins.At the same time, it also has a special radio filter, can filter out traces of animal activity, such as cats, dogs and other different from human frequency, so that the search is not disturbed by noise, can better search for trapped people.Radar detectors is currently the world’s most advanced life detector, solved the problem of ultra-low frequency, detection of micro vital signs, establishing the physiological activities caused by the human body such as breathing, heartbeat surface digital model between the micro and the radar echo parameters, can replace the traditional non-contact sensor and non-contact life parameter used for special patients clinical care,The detection and evaluation of human physiology, psychology and behavior in scientific research, and the search for survivors after earthquakes and other disasters.Figure source | tencent radar detectors in the near detector life, there is usually a high frequency of LC oscillation circuit, a partial list of LC oscillation circuit loop through a wire connected to the outside of the metal parts, when the body near the electromagnetic coupling through space, can change the resonance frequency of the LC circuit, causing oscillation frequency change,The detector’s detection circuit recognizes this change in frequency and sends out a warning signal.Radar detectors using ultra wideband wireless transmission technology, life in the earthquake, building collapse, mud-rock flow, avalanche, such as disaster, to help need for entering fire fighting secret or rescue personnel trapped in 2 or 3 minutes to detect personnel, its technology to the signal processing in wireless way after launch to PDA, computer embedded within hundreds of people breathing chest dynamic data signals,The handheld computer will receive the signal clutter processing, waveform comparison, directly give signs of life, making the scene of the rescue workers search work becomes less difficult.To source | post since END – this disclaimer – network reproduced, all peer originator.The content is the author’s personal opinion, does not mean that the public account agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.☞ Business cooperation: ☏ please call 010-82306118 / DOCTOR, or Electronic technology application official micro store mini-program < electronic technology application official micro store new > Please visit our shop and place one-click order 👇 👇 hook

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