Live pig, pork joint “sit slide”, egg price is flagging, grain price is thought-provoking, hurriedly have a look

At the beginning of the year of the tiger, the domestic agricultural market situation mutations, due to the Spring Festival is the consumption the most robust holiday of the year, before the Spring Festival, the domestic markets for agricultural products, green vegetables, meat, and freshwater fish, such as the consumer demand season, prices have a strong shock, however, in years, market style mutation, among them, the traditional consumption menu,All kinds of vegetables and fruits have different degrees of price reduction performance, pork, eggs and pigs, grain market, performance is not satisfactory, what happened in the market?Check it out!One, pig, pork joint “sit slide”!Year of the Tiger after the Spring Festival, the domestic pig and pork price horizontal is strong, according to pig price data analysis, February 7, the domestic lean pig price horizontal 13.73 yuan/kg, and according to the wholesale market of agricultural products, the national pork wholesale price maintained at 22.38 yuan/kg, pork prices rose 1.4% before the Spring Festival!Spring Festival holiday, pig and pork prices show a strong trend sideways!However, with the end of the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival, pigs and pork prices together “down the slide”!Among them, February 11, the national standard pig market average price fell 4 days in a row, the average price bottoming out 12.56 yuan/kg, compared with the previous drop of 1.17 yuan, the average price drop reached 8.5%!Pig prices fell sharply, the consumer market after the lack of support, pork prices slide, which, as of February 10, the national agricultural products market, the average price of pork dropped to 21.15 yuan/kg, compared to the New Year fell 1.23 yuan/kg!Live pigs and pork fell together, however, this is just the beginning, because by the end of 2021, the number of breeding sows in the country reached 43.29 million, and the sow inventory is gradually optimized, the proportion of binary sows increases, which will also determine the scale of the next pig supply, according to the sow inventory in June 2021 is 45.64 million, it is expected,This year 2 quarters live pig supply or will be further loose!After the Spring Festival holiday, according to the rule of the previous years, the pork consumption season may run through the whole two quarters, therefore, live pigs and pork prices have the basis of further decline!As prices continue to find the bottom, of course, market downturn will also meet new obstacles, for example, the phenomenon of farmers grew out of a price, for example, pork for purchasing again, though, prices are still short of good, however, consumer is difficult to have obvious boost performance, therefore, the market could not change the status quo of pig and pork supply exceeds demand, prices, and pork prices will continue to fall,Meat prices are expected to return to 7~8 yuan/catty!Two, egg price is low, the market is weak sideways!According to official data, as of February 10, the average price of eggs in the national agricultural products market remained at 9.21 yuan/kg, the price of eggs decreased by 0.4%.From the perspective of production and marketing market performance, the egg delivery price in The wholesale market of Beijing is hovering around 3.6 yuan/catty, while that in Shanghai remains at 3.8 yuan/catty.In Guangdong market, egg price has 0.12~0.17 yuan/catty decline, the quoted price is maintained at 3.98~4.2 yuan/catty!And in the northern market, the price of eggs in the farms to go, among them, Heilongjiang and Liaoning market quotation horizontal 3.5 yuan/catty, Hebei market hovering at 3.47~3.65 yuan/catty.In Henan and Shandong, Henan farms egg prices stabilized 3.67~3.8 yuan/catty, Shandong market maintained at 3.6~3.8 yuan/catty!According to market feedback understanding, due to the recent breeding farms by laying hens on the low stock, the output of eggs in general.Demand and consumer market, years later, the terminal market inventory mood is bad, enthusiasm is low, traders loading egg farms stock will continue to rise, it still has the risk of continued falling, of course, as the terminal market to inventory, replenishment enthusiasm will turn thick, predicts that in the coming week, the domestic spot price of eggs or will fall after the callback, however,As a result of weak consumption support, egg prices lack of a sustainable rise in the basis of market decline or will be difficult to avoid!Three, grain prices “thought-provoking”, corn sales gradually heating up!The Spring Festival has just passed in the year of tiger, grassroots farmers still stay in the atmosphere of the New Year, with the deep processing listed grain, corn quantity briefly increased, by farmers’ high price sentiment is strong, corn quantity is not strong, Shandong market, corn arrival less than 280 cars, corn prices fell after showing a callback performance!Due to the production of corn did whole into half, corn quality improvement, traders and deep processing enterprise’s enthusiasm for building a strong, in part, grain storage and also listed to receive corn prices to support, and farmers did before the Lantern Festival mood is not high, air temperature in northeast China for corn storage, grassroots corn on slow, corn prices in the short term, or will be “waiting”!As we all know, the cost of planting corn last year is too high, corn near harvest but usher in continuous rain, which not only intensified the differentiation of corn quality, but also caused the increase of corn harvesting cost, harvesting cycle delay, which is also the reason for the slow progress of new season corn sales!In December last year and January this year, grass-roots farmers are in a high mood of grain sales, corn tide grain mostly out of the grain, after the deep processing and traders lack of inventory, corn purchasing heat increased, northeast traders and deep processing have the mood of raising prices to receive grain, which will further benefit the corn market!In the short term corn prices by the amount of less and deep processing demand steep increase, or will usher in a short rebound market!In mid to late February, as temperatures rise, corn storage difficulty increases, the grass-roots did rhythm speeding up, again the market marketing, corn or there will be shocks weak pattern, as the basic unit to lie prone, its traders to build libraries are completed, the grain main body changes, enter the mid to late march, corn prices or strong shocks,April to May or will reach the stage of the high, and with the new grain wheat into the harvest stage, traders have the demand for storage, corn quantity or will increase sharply, grain prices or will have the risk of decline!Pig, pork joint “sit slide”, egg prices are depressed, food prices thought-provoking, hurry to see!What do you think about that?The above is the author’s personal viewpoint, the picture comes from the network!

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