Mountain sea “machine” edge “airborne” Jiaodong!Eighty-five migrant workers from Longnan, Gansu province arrived in Qinghai on a point-to-point charter flight

“This is my second hometown,” said Zhang Hui, a longnan citizen returning to his post, with excitement. “I miss the beer and seafood in Qingdao, and the chartered plane by the government is really for the sake of our workers, saving more than 1000 yuan!”Flowers parallel, good things in pairs!On the afternoon of February 12th, Shan Airlines Flight SC8820, carrying 85 migrant workers from Chengnan County, Longnan City, Gansu Province, took off from Longnan Airport and landed at Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport at 5:00 PM on time.In order to deepen the cooperation between Qingdao and Gansu, accelerate the realization of common prosperity, and ensure the rapid and efficient help of enterprise employees to return to work, under the joint promotion of Shandong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Gansu Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Shandong Provincial Coordination Gansu Cadres Management Group,Through the coordination of Qingdao Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Qingdao Rural Development Bureau and other relevant districts and cities, the “point-to-point” charter flight of lugan migrant workers to Qingdao was successfully completed.After the brief welcome ceremony, 85 longnan migrant workers will go to Qingdao Pingdu Hisense, Huangdao Machinery, Fuyuan Electronics, Pingdu Wanhuizan Factory, Guen Science and Technology Co., LTD and other 5 employers, realizing seamless connection from “home” to “factory gate”.”It’s kind of romantic to think about seeing the sea from an airplane.I don’t want to waste this opportunity. I have to work twice as hard and live on my own.”Song Jiangping, the post-00s generation, came to Qingdao for the first time and was full of reverie about the days ahead.It is understood that the people club department selected the good salary and employment environment of key enterprises, the purpose is to let workers ShuanXin retention, ease work, strengthening of services between Qingdao, longnan ShuZhuan docking and services, continue to consolidate the crucial poverty, ensure stable jobs, stable employment, longnan out of poverty population out of poverty.”We have developed a follow-up service tracking plan for migrant workers from the cooperation areas. For each migrant worker and each incoming enterprise, special personnel are assigned to follow up, regularly dispatch and summarize relevant information, and take care of their work and life.””In the next step, we will continue to deepen labor cooperation between the two places, build cross-regional human resources exchange and cooperation platform, open up channels for labor and talent flow, and improve the city’s human resources reserve and supply,” said a person in charge of Qingdao human resources and social Security Bureau.Source: Guanhai News client

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