Nine new cases were confirmed on the mainland yesterday, including six in Guangdong

Twenty-seven new confirmed cases were reported in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps on Sunday.Among them, 18 imported cases were reported, including 7 in Shanghai, 4 in Guangdong, 2 in Zhejiang, 2 in Henan, 2 in Yunnan and 1 in Tianjin. Six asymptomatic cases were converted to confirmed cases (2 in Zhejiang, 2 in Henan and 2 in Guangdong).Nine local cases were reported, including 6 in Guangdong, including 2 in Shenzhen, 2 in Huizhou and 2 in Yunfu.2 cases in Tianjin, both in Hebei District;One case was reported in Beijing and fengtai District, including one asymptomatic case in Guangdong.No new deaths were reported.No new suspected cases were reported.Sixty new asymptomatic cases (all imported) were reported in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.On The same day, seven confirmed cases were confirmed, including six imported cases.On the same day, 35 patients (30 imported) were discharged from medical observation.A total of 887 asymptomatic cases, including 778 from abroad, were still under medical observation.Six new local confirmed cases were reported in Guangdong on February 4, including two in Shenzhen, two in Huizhou and two in Yunfu.All of the above are found in the investigation of encrypted contacts included in the control.Four new imported cases were reported in Guangzhou, including two asymptomatic cases. The other two cases were reported from Singapore and Iran.Seven asymptomatic cases were reported in Guangzhou, three in Turkey, and the remaining four in Japan, Mongolia, Malaysia and Kazakhstan.1 case reported in Shenzhen, from Hong Kong, China;1 case reported from Foshan, Australia;1 case reported in Dongguan from Oman;One case from Germany was reported in Zhaoqing.Nine more patients have been discharged from hospitals, and 166 are now in hospitals.As of 24:00 On February 4, a total of 7,261 COVID-19 positive cases (5,198 imported from abroad) had been reported, including 3,808 confirmed cases (2,128 imported from abroad) and 3,453 asymptomatic cases (3,070 imported from abroad).Beijing (CNS) — A new locally confirmed case was reported in Beijing on Monday, with no new suspected case or asymptomatic infection reported.There were no new confirmed or suspected cases imported from abroad, and 16 asymptomatic cases imported from abroad were reported.Three patients were cured and discharged.Confirmed case: Living in southwest cold storage dormitory in Fengtai District, working place in southwest cold storage.On January 25, the patient was transferred to the centralized isolation site. The nucleic acid test result was positive on February 4, and the patient was transferred to a designated hospital. Based on the epidemiological history, clinical manifestations, laboratory tests and imaging findings, the patient was diagnosed as a confirmed case on the same day, and the clinical classification was ordinary.According to the Tianjin Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, a total of two novel coronavirus positive cases were reported in Tianjin on February 4, both of which were found in isolation centres in Hebei.The two have been transferred to a designated hospital in the city for further diagnosis and treatment.Further work is under way.Comprehensive national WeiJianWei ‍ source | crystal to APP, guangdong WeiJianWei, the People’s Daily client, health such as Beijing, heyuan publishing editor: Liu Ke

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