Set the Guinness TM record for the fastest remotely controlled car around piles

Challenge has been in the DNA of the Mazda brand since its birth.From the world’s first mass-produced model equipped with rotor engine to Mazda 787B, the first Japanese brand to win le Mans, Mazda has always been unique and shining in the global auto market with its uncompromising spirit of challenge.In the golden autumn of October, Changan Mazda 2021 next-generation MAZDA3 Occella successfully challenged the Guinness TM record of “the fastest remote control car around the pile”, and interpreted the Zhong extreme version of “Man and Horse as one” with extreme control.On October 16th, in order to return the love of millions of MAZDA3 users and fans for pure driving fun, Changan MAZDA3 specially launched MAZDA3 Ancyla 2.0L quality engine version, with the surging power and smooth control performance of the release of Mazda “horse and horse integration” core DNA.The 2.0L quality version costs 129,900 yuan, reshaping the power pattern of models at the same price level.At present, the new car has arrived in the store, and fully open reservations.In addition to the conventional 36-period zero-interest financial purchase plan, the next generation MAZDA3 Exella “30% discount for three years and secure purchase” great benefit plan that has been well received by users is still in hot progress, making exciting driving within reach.Before the launch of the new car, in order to present the purest driving control performance to the majority of fans, Changan Mazda united with well-known domestic university expert vehicle remote control technology team, for the next generation of MAZDA3 Enksipull issued exclusive vehicle remote control system, and this to guinness TM “the fastest remote control car around the pile” record challenge.At the same time, Zhejiang TV “Hi Fang PI” Hi Fang male group — Wang Jiaer, Ren Jialun, Chen Feiyu, Wei Daxun and guests White Lu, Wu Nan personified race car drivers down the track to experience the strong driving interest of the next generation of MAZDA3 Enxela.Ren Jialun and Wei Daxun are wearing changan Mazda racing clothes, feel the charm of mechanical technology of this remote control system.On October 10, after a guinness official field test certification, changan Mazda nextgen MAZDA3 lack the grams of Sarah under remote control, success in 2 minutes and 18 seconds around 50 pile barrels (no more than 15.2 m barrels of each pile spacing), with zero touch stunning achievement to the finish, far more than 2 minutes and 30 seconds challenge goal, successful challenge the guinness book of world records?Honor, become the world record holder of the fastest remote control car around pile.On behalf of Changan Mazda, Roger, director of Marketing Department of Changan Mazda Automobile Sales Branch, received the Guinness World Record award, which added a heavy color to MAZDA3, this legendary sports model.Since its launch in The Chinese market in September 2019, the next Generation MAZDA 3 Exela has achieved double success in sales volume and user reputation.Especially in the same stage competition with many luxury and super luxury brands, the next generation of MAZDA3 Ancella has won the “2020 China Car of the Year” and “2020 World Car of the Year” awards, and “2020 World Car of the Year” three honors, product value competitiveness is worthy of the name.The new 2021 Next-generation MAZDA3 Exela continues the elegant design of Soul 2.0, which is the essence of Japanese aesthetics.To further enhance the “one Man, one man” feel, the interior design of the new 2021 Next-generation MAZDA 3 Exela follows the “subtraction aesthetics”, aiming to create a simple, pure and scientific cockpit layout.Thanks to the all-new “SkyActiv-Vehicle ARCHITECTURE” platform, the all-new 2021 Next-generation MAZDA3 Enxela achieves a higher dimension of stress-free and pleasant driving with the comprehensive innovation of “people-oriented” VEHICLE building concept.The all-new 2021 next-generation MAZDA3 Enexela has achieved all-dimensional value innovation in “safety, comfort and technology”, and refreshed the value benchmark of its own sport intermediate sedan with a new realm of “happy driving and upgrading” strength.Security configuration,New 360-degree panoramic image parking assist system, MRCC full-speed adaptive cruise system, highly sensitive forward parking radar, FCTA forward lateral approach warning system, CTS cruise mode intelligent driving assist system, BS-R intelligent reversing brake assist system (front and rear), BS-RC intelligent rear blind area brake assist system (side and rear),Shi ji safety to the next level;In terms of comfort configuration, the new 2021 next-generation MAZDA3 Lexella is equipped with LED headlight automatic switch system, intelligent rainfall sensing advanced water spray boneless wiper and steering wheel shift paddles, bringing comfortable and convenient driving experience;Intelligent configuration, the new 2021 next-generation MAZDA 3 Exela provides remote start, remote temperature control, automatic car search, voice control, wireless charging configuration optional, for users to create a high-tech car life style.New action is on the scene.The 2021 Next-generation MAZDA3 Exela Premium is designed for the control enthusiast who is chasing power driving control.Ultra high street appearance level, with infinite modification potential, 2021 sunny winter streets, will be your show!Now, log in changan Mazda “Joy horse sky” platform, share your joy of car shopping, find your passion to the like-minded people.The event will run from February 20, 2022 to February 22, 2022

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