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Shanghai youth daily, youth journalist Winston preferred/trainee journalist Guo Rong/figure, the mother river of the suzhou creek in Shanghai video, witnessing the city in one hundred to the development and changes, it is like a book turn forever, see not tire, generation after generation of people with their own hands to create an immortal legend.With the opening of the Suzhou River footpath, many new park green areas have been added on both sides of suzhou River, forming a beautiful scenery of flowers in spring, shade in summer, leaves in autumn and scenery in winter, connecting together to form a big park without walls.No matter walking or cycling, no matter from any point of start, you can feel the more moving scenery of the river bank, more fashionable trend art, more ingenious landscape design, more abundant historical details, and enjoy a beautiful journey of the Su River.This time, we will start the suzhou River micro-tour in the early spring of 2022 with four key words.║ line ║ China Securities Museum “Red Landmark” red trail since the suzhou River trail through and open, the path to suzhou River is more and more colorful up, and each section has its own advantages, worth fine taste.And to say the most classic, that must be the outer Baidu Bridge.The most beautiful garden at the bank of Waidu Bridge is the junction of Suzhou River greenway and Huangpu River greenway.More than 100 kinds of flowers are planted in the 3000 square meters garden.Standing at the junction of Suzhou River and Huangpu River, you can have a panoramic view of the exquisite architecture of various styles and periods.Among them, one is particularly special, not only because of its unique geographical advantages, but also because of its ups and downs of legendary color, that is, the former Richard’s Hotel, now the China Securities Museum.Established in 1846, Liza Hotel is the oldest western hotel in Shanghai.At the beginning of the 20th century, when Shanghai opened trams, the steel bridge of Waibaidu Bridge needed to be built. Lizha Hotel obtained a compensation for demolition and rebuilt a new building on the east side of the original site. It was completed and put into use in 1907.The new Licha Hotel, designed by The British business company Xinruihe Corporation, covers an area of 4,580 square meters with a floor space of 15,700 square meters.Five-story brick and concrete structure, neoclassical style, the hotel’s old building in the middle hall, there are still left over from 1860 Victorian Gothic revival hotel building.On the third floor, there is a special guest room — zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao once lived here.Now, it is the exhibition hall of zhou Enlai’s Red Footprints in Shanghai.After May 1949, the hotel was taken over by the Municipal Government Offices Administration and renamed pujiang Hotel.The Shanghai Stock Exchange was founded in 1990 in Pujiang Hotel, and the Current China Securities Museum was approved and established by the Central Government Organization Office in January 2018. It is the only national museum in China’s securities and futures industry.Putuo section of Suzhou River continues to the west. Putuo Section of Suzhou River is one of the important birthplaces of Modern Chinese national industry and one of the birthplaces of the Workers’ movement led by the Communist Party of China. During the Period of the New Democratic Revolution, many historical events with great influence took place, leaving a number of old sites of the Red Revolution (sites).”Red Landmark” red trail covers three parts: Sudi Chunxiao section on the south bank of Suzhou River, Jingyuan Fashion Industrial Park section and Peninsula Garden section.Red signs stand one by one, introducing such old sites of the red revolution as the site of the first political strike of Shanghai West Workers in 1919, the site of the Half-day School of Shanghai West Workers, gu Zhenghong Memorial Hall, the memorial site of the CPC Shanghai West Special District Committee, the Museum of the History of the Revolution in Shanghai West, the old site of Zhenru International Radio station, the memorial site of the Revolutionary Struggle of Shanghai First Cotton Mill, etc.It narrated the 1919 “June 3 Strike”, the May 30 Movement, the workers’ struggle against violence in The Anddison Electric Bubble Factory, the people’s struggle against Japanese Aggression in West Shanghai, the uprising of the Underground army in West Shanghai, the struggle against hunger, civil war and persecution, the struggle for protecting the factory and school in 1949, the liberation of Shanghai and other historical events.The series of a party led the people in Shanghai and the west for national independence and liberation of the magnificent historical picture.It is worth mentioning that the QR code printed on each sign is equipped with a point map of the old site of the Red Revolution. Just scan the code, you can consult the illustrated historical files, listen to the affectionate audio introduction, and further understand the red history of “Red Huxi”.║ route ║ Jiuzi Park Dream Clear Garden Air Music Park Suzhou River along the green land and parks, like pieces of green jade, connected with this beautiful ecological river.Although they are not very large in size, they are all very elaborate and have different themes that are well worth checking out.In the project of connecting Suzhou River, the huangpu section of the southern bank of Suzhou River has a total length of about 3 kilometers, starting from Waibaidu Bridge in the east and ending at Chengdu Road Bridge in the west. Jiuzi Park, next to Chengdu Road Bridge, is the largest public green space in this section.As for the traditional games such as “chucking”, “whipping”, “skipping”, “rolling”, “playing marbles”, “setting rings”, “pulling bells” and “building” in old Shanghai alleyways, I’m afraid there are many young people who have never even heard of them, let alone played them.In jiuzi Park, you can find all the childhood memories of these old Shanghainese.The famous “Eighteen Bays of Suzhou River” runs through the Putuo section for 14 kilometers, forming 18 bays naturally, which is rare in China’s inland rivers.From the first bay to the 18th Bay, from the “past life” to the “present life”, many old Putuo people are full of treasures, and Mengqing Bay, where Suzhou River Mengqing Garden environmental protection theme park is located, is one of them.Mengqing Garden Covers an area of 8.6 hectares, which integrates green landscape, exhibition, science popularization and education, public services and urban infrastructure. Mengqing Garden is a landmark project of comprehensive environmental improvement of Suzhou River and urban environmental construction of Shanghai. It is the largest public green space and living water park beside Suzhou River with beautiful scenery and green shade.The park is divided into big Fish Island, artificial wetland and Mengqing Hall.The Mengqing Pavilion is the canning workshop of the original Shanghai brewery. It was built in 1933-1934 by Famous Hungarian designer Hudec, and is one of the two large industrial buildings he designed in Shanghai.Today, Suzhou River has become a beautiful scenery line, how did it do?The answer lies in today’s Dream House.Mengqing Pavilion — Shanghai Suzhou River Exhibition Center introduces and displays the cultural context contained in Suzhou River, the evolution, degradation, restoration process and governance achievements of river ecology in many ways. Don’t forget to go here to receive an environmental education!Early spring dusk still comes early, ride a shared bike to chase the direction of the sunset, a row of giant musical instrument sculptures neatly arranged on the road, outline a different graceful line, as if with BGM.Here is located in the Changning section of the air music park, Shanghai’s first music theme park, music elements interwoven in each corner of the park.Therefore, if you are good at music, you can bring your Musical Instruments and have an open-air New Year concert with your friends. It will be great!In addition to the scenery in the park, music Park is located at the hongqiao traffic hub, so you can clearly see planes rising and falling in the blue sky here, which is an additional scenery line.There used to be a lot of factories along suzhou River. With the relocation of factories, many of these remaining factories have changed into new creative gathering places after continuous iteration and renewal, which is the best choice to start the mode of “wandering around eating” in holidays.There is a three-story warehouse with a watchtower with a total floor area of nearly 10,000 square meters at no. 100 Yejia Road, the former site of the Shanghai Quilt Factory.After renovation, this historic building has been injected with a vivid soul and acquired the new identity of The X Tower, which is an urban youth shared business community integrating business, work, meeting and leisure.Since the Suzhou River trail is opened with the park, you can walk directly to the park from the beautiful Suzhou River for rest and relaxation.The most striking part of the Tower of Chuang Has to be its iconic tower, where the bright red ceiling of the vaulted ceiling jumps out of the white facade, breaking the solemnness of the rectangular latticed Windows on both levels.There are many treasure shops hidden in chuangxiang Tower Park, including exquisite antique shops, restaurants that have been shot in TV dramas, and excellent niche designers at home and abroad.In addition to the collection of skateboarding, graffiti and other fashion shops, to provide a new fun borderless lifestyle and multidimensional experience.M50 Creative Park, also located in Putuo Section, is the eldest brother of many creative parks. Covering an area of 35.45 mu, it has more than 50 industrial buildings in various historical periods from the 1930s to the 1990s, which is the most complete national industrial buildings preserved by the Bank of Suzhou River.It was originally a Shanghai Chunming Woolen textile factory, and was transformed into an art and creative park in 2000 to become a gathering place for artists.In April 2005, here is listed as one of the creative industry zones in Shanghai, named M50 creative park, attracted more than 20 countries and regions, 140 households artist studio, galleries, institutions of higher art education and all kinds of cultural creativity, built along the suzhou river strong artistic creativity, has now developed into the internationally renowned Shanghai fashion culture new landmark,It is also a platform for young people to socialize, start businesses and interact with each other.Among the creative parks along suzhou River, the size of the park is also among the best, so it is not too much to reserve a day.The 1908 Granary near Xinzha Road subway station was built in 1908 and has stood on the banks of the Suzhou river for more than 100 years.After “repairing the old as the old” type of protective repair and functional renewal, now, it has become the No.8 Bridge art space, and recently is holding the highly popular “Xia Mu You Zhang Exhibition”.In addition to the classic scenes from The Original Japanese transplant, the Chinese limited immersive experience area is specially added to open the warm journey of healing.And next to the exhibition is the famous “beer aunt”, after watching the exhibition with friends, facing the Suzhou River view drink a few glasses, is also very comfortable.Some people say that Suzhou River is the Seine of Shanghai. Taking a walk along the river with its own romantic DNA, you will be blown away by a romantic atmosphere.And the General Post Office building, located by suzhou River, is off the charts for romance.Before the car, horse, mail are very slow, life can only love a person.It is also very romantic to visit the General Post Office building with your spouse and send them a postcard of love.The General Post Office building is located along the Suzhou River. There are many coffee shops and teahouses, which are suitable for sitting down to enjoy the delicious food and beautiful scenery when walking tired. It is especially suitable for “breaking emotions” with your lover.Diagonally across from the General Post Office building, there is a super atmosphere and story cafe – the first Gas Station Cafe.When not too cold, might as well sit on the second floor of the semi-open viewing platform, you can be the Riverside building, general Post office building, Suning Baoli Jia Hotel beautiful scenery income fundus.Opened at the end of 2021, Dayang Jingdian tianan Qianshu is undoubtedly a hot chicken among many places along the Suzhou River. This “hanging garden” has its own romantic DNA for everyone to see, especially when the lights are on, it has a kind of mysterious beauty, as if coming to the romantic wonderland of Avatar.On the side of the mall facing suzhou River, there is a unique art tower, the iconic form of the circular clock tower. The natural rust board decoration changes with time, and the color changes between orange, burnt red, warm brown, especially eye-catching in the dark gray building.The tower is actually the retention and innovation of the design elements of the century-old bell tower of Rong’s Fufeng Flour Mill. The designer transformed it into a sightseeing elevator art tower with both practicality and aesthetics, which can enjoy the panoramic view of Suzhou River and surrounding scenery through glass in the tower.As the only university campus in Shanghai embraced by the Mother River, EAST China University of Political Science and Law embraces the city with an open attitude and is a romantic landmark that many young people love to clock in. The century-old historic buildings of St. John’s University and the beautiful scenery of The Su River, together with the interesting greening, make it a fresh and open place.Simeng Garden, Gezhi Garden, Haechi Garden, Huazheng Bridge, Peach and Plum Garden…”At ten o ‘clock”, one scene at a time.Finally, sit in front of the bar in the Book Garden and look back at the footpath through the floor-to-ceiling window. Wait for the lights to come on and draw the end of the Huazheng section of suzhou River Footpath, which is over 900 meters long. Perfect!Some places need to make an appointment in advance, it is best to pay attention to the trip before doing homework.● Don’t miss the QR code on the Greenway along Suzhou River to get more background information.● If you visit Suzhou River at night, you can see more scenery different from that in the daytime. The gorgeous light shows add dreamlike color.● For a more niche experience, the banks along the tributaries of Suzhou River are also a good place to explore.Youth Daily reporter Yang Lijia

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