To change!Inner Mongolia has seen widespread wind, rain, snow and temperature drop

In recent days, many places in Inner Mongolia mainly sunny weather, temperature rise, speed up the Inner Mongolia section of the Yellow River.However, the cold air activity in spring is frequent, and the temperature fluctuation is like a “roller coaster”, which is easy to induce cold alternately. The public should pay attention to the change of clothing according to the weather.The public is advised to take precautions against the wind, rain, snow and temperature drop, which is expected to exceed 8℃ in the region from today to three days.In recent days, blue sky and sunshine have become the main theme of the weather in Inner Mongolia. In the past weekend, the daily maximum temperature in the main alliance cities of the region has risen to more than 15℃, and the minimum temperature is also above 0℃. People feel comfortable in the afternoon sunshine.Yesterday, the whole region is still mainly sunny, temperature change is not big, the highest temperature in most cities in the Midwest are around 17 degrees Celsius, warm and harmonious.Warmer temperatures have also accelerated the flow of the Yellow River in Inner Mongolia.According to the autonomous Region water resources Department, the Autonomous Region meteorological Bureau of the Inner Mongolia Yellow River opening situation schematic shows, as of 10 o ‘clock on March 14, the Inner Mongolia Yellow River opening interface is located in Baotou Jiuyuan District sankou dangerous work (292.7 km under the gate), a total of 369.7 km, frozen river remaining 267.3 km, 30.7 km less than the previous day,Kaihe water level is stable.It is expected that the temperature along the Inner Mongolia section of the Yellow River will drop slightly in the ups and downs from now on. Relevant departments are requested to closely monitor the changes in the transit situation and do a good job in the monitoring and patrol work of the Yellow River transit flood.Expect within three days, most will be evident in the strong wind, rain and snow has fallen in the region, the cooling process, which today at night during the day, in most parts of xilingol league area and east have light snow or sleet, among them, the northeast of xilingol league area in southern north, northeast of chifeng city, tongliao city, hinggan league, hulun buir city in central and northeast have moderate snow,Northeast tongliao city, southeast Xingunita League, northeast Hulunbuir city has heavy snow, northeast Hulunbuir local snow, the rest of the area between sunny and cloudy;East of the west, most of the central region 4, 5 short-time 6, 7 northwest wind, most of the east region 4, 5 short-time 6, 7 southwest wind to the northwest wind, the northeast of the west, the central part of the local area accompanied by dust weather;Most parts of central and eastern China will see the temperature drop by 4 to 6 degrees Celsius, the eastern part of central China and northeast China by 6 to 8 degrees Celsius, and some areas by more than 8 degrees Celsius.Inner Mongolia is bracing for a sharp drop in temperature today and tomorrow.(Image from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region meteorological Observatory) Tomorrow, Alashan League to the west of Xilin Gol League, southwest Chifeng city, northeast Hulun Buir city have light rain or sleet or snow, northeast Bayannur City, baotou city, north Hohhot city, south Of Xilin Gol League have moderate snow or sleet,There was heavy snow in parts of northeast of Bayannur City, north of Baotou City, northeast of Hohhot city, central and north of Wulanchab city and south of Xilin Gol League. There was heavy snow in parts of central Wulanchab city and southwest of Xilin Gol League, and the rest of the region was sunny and cloudy.The northeast winds of Force 4 and 5 in the north of the west and the northwest winds of Force 4 and 5 in the east of the east;The temperature in the western part of China dropped by 4 to 6 degrees Celsius, and continued to drop in the central and eastern parts of China.The day after tomorrow, there will be light rain or sleet or light snow in the southeast of Alashan League, east of Bayannur City, east and south of Ordos City, Baotou City, Hohhot city, Wulanchab City, most of Xilin Gol League, Chifeng City, west and south of Tongliao City.There is snow or sleet in the north of Baotou city, east of Hohhot city, south of Wulanchabu City, south of Xilin Gol League, west of Chifeng City. There is snow in the northeast of Hohhot city, southeast of Wulanchabu City, south of Xilin Gol League, southwest of Chifeng City, and the rest of the region is sunny and cloudy.Meteorological authorities remind the public and relevant departments to pay close attention to the impact of the weather process, cooling affected areas timely add clothes, strong wind affected areas to strengthen the construction of windproofing facilities, properly place outdoor items, pay attention to prevent forest grassland fire risk, at the same time suggested that traffic departments strengthen traffic safety management.(Wang Yuanyuan and Chen Yue)

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