Why is mental illness so much now?This is business. Let’s see if you fall for it

Hitler’s secret of success is to emphasize positive energy, which is now a lot of psychological training in the name of forgiveness, love, harmony, acceptance and other key words to teach people to do psychological counseling is the same truth, the parties are eventually brainwashed generally restricted free thoughts and feelings.But whether psychoanalysis or other psychotherapy, the ultimate goal is to achieve flexible personality and free, deep thinking mental state.Today, a student said that he has the constitution to attract people with negative emotions, always easy to attract people with negative emotions, how to get rid of it?The Buddha is actually the best at attracting negative emotions.I’m in psychology. Do you think I have a constitution for people who attract negative emotions?The above sentence means that people who attract negative emotions are a term coined by psychological influencers.One of the secrets of psychology that you don’t know much about is that many mental illnesses are created by people.The way people create a mental illness is to create a symptom in the first place, and when you identify with the symptom, you start to develop the illness.For example, there are a lot of suffering in life. When someone says that the family of origin is a sin, you start to look at your childhood with a magnifying glass, and you will find a lot of evidence to prove your childhood suffering.Adults have more problems, but no one cares.In fact, many adults do not have the right to die, because the body is too much responsibility, too big.But with the invented disease of “family of Origin,” people start looking for their childhood with a magnifying glass and forget what they are going through every day.When I was in school, homosexuality was considered a disease, which was actually developed in western psychiatric medicine.And homosexuality in our ancient country has never been a disease, but the power of the rich, some people’s hobby.But once the label is created, it’s scary. If you’re gay, you think you’re different.And in fact the ancient homosexual did not have such a label, he might have married and had children, he might have liked men one year and women two years later, he would not have fixed himself on any one disease symptom.Psychiatric diagnosis is practically a business and a right all over the world.The world’s top psychiatric conferences meet every few years to revise their diagnostic manuals and decide which diseases to add and which to remove.After the meeting, a new manual will be developed to give new standards to psychiatrists around the world.The most important thing is that the sponsors behind this conference are all major pharmaceutical companies.By the time depression becomes a disease, the drugs for depression are already out there, waiting for you.Of course, capital fights with each other.For example, the Supreme Council of Psychiatry decided to turn Internet addiction into a disease, but Internet addiction into a disease is not well promoted around the world, and the reason is that Internet game companies control a lot of media around the world, so the business of psychiatric medicine is blocked here by the capital of game companies.If you look at the way the world works and is organized, you will see that it is the same in all walks of life, where a small elite runs the entire human race on the planet.Don’t trust any knowledge of pop culture, it’s all manufactured by the elite.Attention deficit disorder has never existed in humans before, but it has become very common now that pharmaceutical companies have developed drugs to treat it.If one year later the Supreme Council on Psychiatry meets and decides that too much attention is a disease, then the rest of us will have to start taking pills.Because the diagnosis of mental illness is, in essence, a social standard, which is adjusted according to the needs of different stages of society.You think everything I say to you is a joke, but the more it looks like a joke, the more true it is.Those formal-sounding concepts and terms that seem to be full of high sense are the real joke, and beyond that the joke becomes a deception.One of the biggest gains and experiences I have learned in psychology is that I never believe any concept created by psychology, especially the concept created by the psychological consultation circle.The concept created by the psychological training circle, that is used to deceive people.In the matter of psychology, modernity does not necessarily mean progress.After I finished my general course in psychology at college, I turned to religious superstitions.Then I realized that religious superstitions taught much better psychology than college textbooks.Of course there is such a thought, mainly or my tutor fierce.When I go to grind, my tutor says with me, you buy this week public interpretation dream to see, must buy ground stall goods, do not buy regular publications.When I heard him say this, I was filled with doubt and 10,000 horses galloped in my heart.Later, after concentrating on the dream interpretation of Zhou Gong, I understood the matter of dream interpretation.The key to dream interpretation, it turns out, lies in the dreamer’s own cultural system.Dream of dragon will become an official, in fact, because you are in the Chinese symbol of the cultural system.So when you want to be an official, you borrow the symbol of the dragon to have a dream.This is why the symbolic interpretation of foreigner psychology is simply not suitable for Chinese people.Similarly, if foreigners dream of dragons, that is not the meaning at all.When you fully understand that dream interpretation of Zhou Gong is a science, you can really understand zhou Gong’s dream interpretation.Because zhou Gong’s interpretation of dreams is actually the symbolic dictionary of The Chinese people.All Chinese are culturally influenced by this symbolic dictionary.For example, if you dream that your teeth fall out one day, your mother will immediately give you a certain explanation, which comes from our traditional culture.Then when you dream the second time and you have the gene of the Cultural symbol of the Chinese, you will inevitably have suggestive dreams related to your culture.At this point the zhou Gong’s interpretation of the dream began to become correct.So I said that my tutor was really good and helped me really understand psychology.With this kind of understanding of psychology, you look at these so-called famous universities, which professor can achieve this level?My mentor was sent to the village during the Cultural Revolution.Without books to read, every day is lonely.It was at that time that the four Olds were rebelled against, and all superstitious and religious books in the countryside were to be collected and burned.Because he could read, he was in charge of the matter.As a result, during the 10 years of the Cultural Revolution, he put these books away and studied them in secret for 10 years.By the time he recovered and went back to college to teach psychology, he was much better at fortune-telling than psychology.He passed it on to me, and that gave me the opportunity to really learn psychology.Since primitive man began to have two magic weapons to cure mental illness, one is religious witchcraft, one is art.So the so-called religious superstitions are full of psychological knowledge.College textbooks on psychology are far from those above.So later I recalled that when I took the postgraduate entrance exam, my tutor interviewed me, probably telling our fortune and reading our faces.Then many fake psychological Internet celebrities, they do not understand these principles, they conclude from this that Chinese people do not understand love, only foreigners do.And then invent a whole bunch of psychology training to increase your ability to love, which is all for the money.If we want to use Chinese people’s benevolence, justice, propriety and wisdom as the standard to measure foreigners, we can also provide a lot of training for foreigners to train them in their benevolence, justice, propriety and wisdom. Then we can also cheat a lot of foreigners out of money.Look through it for everything, from religious superstition to modern psychology.Many people regard religious superstitions as superstitions and modern psychology as science, but in fact they have not seen through them.Many people do not know the origin of counseling techniques.Many counseling techniques were originally part of religious therapy in the West.The 12-step therapy for addictive behavior, for example, is the Christian system’s way of getting you committed to God.I don’t hesitate to say, in Chinese psychology to learn my level of people very few, I am really thoroughly learned this line.You often read a lot of Western psychology books, there are some psychological counseling techniques, all day long is to teach you to love this love that, in fact, this is the Christian culture.Psychology in the background of western religion and culture came to China, advocating that you should meet your true self, that there is a false self hidden in your heart, that you should meet the unknown self and so on.It is obvious that westerners lack benevolence, justice, propriety, wisdom and faith. We can develop your five skills of love just like many social training nowadays.We can also cultivate the five abilities of benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and faith of westerners. Each training fee is 10,000 yuan for beginner, 30,000 yuan for middle and 200,000 yuan for advanced.If we become the world leader one day, I will go to the United States to hold a training program. I will teach the Americans to get through the two branches of the governor. All the white people who do not get through the two branches of the governor are sick.Just like psychological Internet celebrities say that 99% of Chinese people are giant babies, I claimed at that time that 99% of americans are childless.Because Chinese Taoist culture is particular about to cultivate immortals, to build foundations, to train the yuan ying in their own bodies.Do you want to team up with me and rip off white people?We want to translate traditional Chinese culture to the West and let them learn our psychology. This is called civilizing the barbarians.To teach the world and turn the barbarians into human beings.Many people simply think that modernity represents civilization, and civilization and modernity are not equal.If you can understand what I said above, you can really understand what psychology is.Kneeling for so long, I forgot to stand up.Believing for too long, forgetting to question.Stay too long, forget the world.Dream too long, forget to start!Original public account: Xhbeap

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