King of Glory: 14 archers in the canyon, probably the only ones best suited to the half-flesh costume

In king of Glory, there are three special names for the way the hero is dressed.They are: pure output, half meat half output, pure meat.The meaning of pure output is very clear, that is, in six grids, in addition to wearing shoes with a grid, the other five grids all out of the corresponding class attack outfit.Half meat and half output, in most cases, is a pair of shoes + three core output + two defense (each one), which has a certain output capacity, but also a certain protective capacity, the outbreak is certainly not as pure output, but the survival rate is significantly higher.The pure meat outfit is usually relative to the auxiliary and tank, in addition to the shoes, the five squares are filled with various defensive outfits to improve their tanning and fighting ability.For the shooter class, most players will say, “You should play shooter with pure output, that’s the only way to maximize output.”After all, the higher the shooter’s output, the greater the total amount of damage, and the quicker the shooter kills, the faster the victory.The truth is this truth, but the shooter is no problem of a small crisp skin, the survival rate is quite low!There are 14 archer heroes in The Valley of Kings, but not all of them require pure output.And we are going to mention these three archer heroes, is very suitable for half meat and half output out of the way.In the guarantee of adequate output capacity, but also have a certain defense ability, greatly improve survivability at the same time, and can continue to hit damage, isn’t it more beautiful?Marco Polo’s core equipment is usually Apocalypse + Shadow Blade/Lightning Dagger + Dawn, but some players will replace Dawn with Endless Blade.The passive spell of The Apocalypse normally requires a general attack, but Marco Polo has a spell that can trigger the passive spell of the Apocalypse.With eschatological attack speed and passive buffs, Marco Polo’s damage power increases dramatically.Due to the number of bullets fired by the first ability and great move, the current attack speed value is affected, so shadowblade and Daybreak will significantly increase Marco Polo’s attack speed and handling feel, and will be able to quickly deal 10 damage effects, allowing the bullets to do real damage.If the enemy front row is equipped with counter piercing armor (rebound spell damage), or if there is a long-armed turret mage, Marco Polo will be exhausted and unable to fight at full capacity, so wearing a witch’s cloak is very necessary.At the same time, Marco Polo’s soft control ability will be improved once again with the revamped physical defense armor Frost Shock, which can achieve the effect of “double lightning” in combination with the summoner stun.In this way, Marco Polo’s half-flesh costumes are basically finalized as: Attack Shoe, Apocalypse, Shadow Blade, Frost Shock, Witch’s Cloak, dawn.Detective Dee renjie from The Dali Temple of Chang ‘an – compared to Marco Polo’s mechanism, Dee renjie’s three skills can trigger the passive orb effect of the apocalypse.Eschatological passivity, to the blood thick enemy hero, has unmatched restraint ability.The panel attributes of the apocalypse can provide Di Renjie with attack power, attack speed and endurance.In addition, Dee renjie has a quick effect, which can increase attack speed by 30% and move speed by 25%, and can directly reduce the enemy hero’s double resistance by 50% after the yellow card is hit.That is to say, with his own passivity, Di Renjie is not very dependent on the requirements of endurance, attack speed and penetration attributes after the big move and the End of the world. He can substitute the vacant equipment for defensive equipment and improve his survivability.So in di Renjie’s outfit, you can keep three pieces of core equipment (Apocalypse + Endless + Dawn).There are three remaining squares, one for the foot of Shadow Endurance (which reduces enemy attack damage), the other two are the grip of ice Scar and the witch’s cloak.Dee’s specific half-flesh costumes are: Foot of Shadow Endurance, Apocalypse, Blade of Endless War, Grip of Ice Scar, Dawn, witch’s Cloak.Although this half meat out of the outfit, although the outbreak is a little lower, but the survival ability is really very strong!On Yasuo Mongtier, his rage can be generated by his attack and pressure on tiers (the red progress bar below the blood bar). When his rage reaches his full level, He is in a high state.On Montiers, all three of his abilities have been improved, his attack range and damage ability have been greatly improved, his first and second cooldowns have been reduced by 50%, and his rage overflows into a certain health regeneration without vampire blade.According to Mongchallenger’s feature, he comes with his vampire blade and cooldown reduction, which saves more slots than other archers.His most lacking attribute is movement speed.Since His sweep is the main output of Monchallenger, his speed decreases during his sweep, which seriously affects his coverage efficiency.Therefore, gear with move speed is the most popular item on Yasuo.On Yasuo’s defense, move speed and output, His move speed has become important to Yasuo while His breakout is tailor-made to Yasuo.Mongchallenger’s mainstream is his half-meat outfit, which includes Boots of Resistance, Infinity Blade, Shadow Blade, Exploding Armor, Breaking Dawn and Witch cloak.If conditions are favorable, you can also replace the witch’s cloak with a destroyer.The above is from the actual experience of the game, only on behalf of Dan Qing’s personal views and views, if you have more rich opinions, please leave more comments in the comments section below.Thank you for reading, look forward to your caring attention, I hope to meet you at the next corner.I’m Dan Qing, and I’ll see you next time.END.

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