Changsha downtown snack bar, 21 years only 1 yuan price, diners frankly benefits can not find a second

There are so many snack bars in Changsha that it is not difficult to find a good one. If you add some requirements, in addition to delicious, but also affordable, sufficient weight, without too much to eat, I am afraid it is not easy to find.Diehards know that most of a city’s most down-to-earth, delicious and affordable restaurants are tucked away in alleyways or hidden places that only locals can find, and tourists have to do a careful tour of the area if they want to eat.It is well known that housing in any city center is relatively expensive, so the prices of restaurants in the city center are generally higher than those in other places.However, today’s snack bar is different and has gained a large number of loyal fans because of its affordable prices.This shop opened in The West Pai Lou Street, business has been 21 years, these years with the rising prices, the price of many delicacies are also rising, this is no exception, but only increased by 1 yuan.This shop belongs to the typical husband and wife flies small restaurant, the door face is not big, the space inside the shop is also very small, the kitchen occupies a part of the space, the rest of the space placed a few small tables.Although it is not like other online celebrity shops crowded with people, as if in short supply, but diners are also in an endless stream throughout the day.Basically, it is the people who work nearby. Lunch and dinner will be served at his home. After all, it not only brings the affordable price and delicious meal to the diners, but also brings the taste of old Changsha.The cheapest staple food in his family is wooden ear noodles or noodles, 5 yuan a bowl, can be added separately 1 yuan 3 pieces of dried sesame and 2 yuan of eggs.There was no meat, but enough to satisfy.Sign is mixed sauce on the apricot dried noodles, 6 yuan 1 bowl, no complex ingredients, simple alkali water boiled, with pickled cabbage and mixed sauce, each wrapped sauce, a very satisfied, noodles cooked just right, eat up also very strong.048 yuan 20 wonton most surprised diners is that his hundun, 8 yuan a bowl, there are 20, hundun is the owner’s wife hand is now package, thin skin filling, size is not small, the emphasis is on the number, wonton soup with pickled cabbage, sour and salty taste is also very appetizing.In addition to noodles, noodles and wontons, his family has various kinds of fried rice, fried rice with egg, Lao Gan Ma fried rice, fried rice with shredded pork and egg, etc.Although the overall taste of his house is not much amazing, but in such a snack bar, it can be ranked on the name.Some diners say this snack bar can eat a lifetime, in the city center to see such affordable, not bad taste of snacks, really can not find another.So in this small shop full of fireworks, also can soothe the body after a hard day.

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