Divine eagle: The special internal skill of the Tibetan Five Ugly and the Golden wheel of the French king

Hide the edge of the five ugly in the shenconuo hero in a flash and died, played a scene in Huashan, and then by Hong Qigong and Ouyang Feng waste martial arts, then disappeared.So what is the significance of the existence of Tibetan Five Ugly?To know that Jin dada in the revision of the work, the significance of those roles will be directly deleted, such as the serialized version of Yang Guo’s mother Qin Nanqin is directly merged with Mu Nianci disappeared.So Tibetan edge five ugly must have his existence significance.We can know from the name of the Tibetan five ugly people that they must be from The Tibetan area.Tibetan areas have a place in Jin da’s works.Just like the Shaolin Temple, the Holy land of martial arts, The Tibetan area is also a good platform for swordsman literature. In all kinds of swordsman novels, Tibetan masters emerge endlessly, such as the Master of Wisdom.In the serialized version, we don’t have any other information except that the Tibetan Five Ugly characters come from Tibetan areas, and we don’t tell who the master of the Tibetan Five Ugly characters is.Tibetan edge five ugly single horse is not at that time Yang Guo’s opponent, if the five crowd fight, Yang Guo had to run for his life.At this time of Yang Guo martial arts not up, so hidden edge five ugly martial arts is not up.But Hong Qigong for Tibetan edge five ugly kill and explain Tibetan edge five ugly kung fu is not very low, general river’s lake people met Tibetan edge five ugly estimates have to get box lunch.If hide edge five ugly kung fu is not high, Hong Qigong do not need to personally, worth hong Qigong hands of the people are not much, his poor life also did not eliminate how many real bad people.General role he only want to know the gai gang people can, he himself is extremely superior, have extremely superior arrogance, will not descend from the status of those a cat a dog at will.Must be the general master of the gai gang is not the opponent of hidden edge five ugly, so Hong Qi Gong just take the initiative to move.02 master serial version did not account for the Tibetan edge of the five ugly and kung fu road number, but to the triplet version of the Tibetan edge of the five ugly arrangement of a lofty origin.Serialized version of Hong Qigong directly waste hidden edge five ugly kung fu, coupled with Ouyang Feng’s hands, hidden edge five ugly was completely waste.And in the triplet version of Hong Qigong ready to scrap the Tibetan edge five ugly, but there was an accident: Hong Qigong suddenly “yi” 1, is very surprised, will palm strength recovered eighty percent, said: “your internal work is very some son door, who is your master?”Big Ugly’s palms were still against him, panting, “We…Is……It was Master Dalba…The……Under the door.”Hong Qi Gong shook his head and said, “Darba?Never heard of it.Well, it’s great that you can pass on your internal forces to each other.”Hong Qigong was surprised because the hidden edge of the five ugly internal work is very special, a person alone and Hong Qigong palm may not be abnormal.But when the five of them are together, their internal forces can actually be transmitted to each other, which is not easy.This suddenly aroused the interest of Hong Qigong, so Hong Qigong began to ask the Tibetan edge of the five ugly teachers, want to play with the Tibetan edge of the five ugly senior teachers.Tibetan edge five ugly confessed his master is da erba, is the Tibetan holy monk Golden wheel of the two disciples of the King.After the appearance of Ouyang Feng, he and Hong Qigong across the Tibetan edge of the five ugly competition internal gong, Ouyang Feng also found the Tibetan edge of the five ugly internal gong is unusual, praise way: “these five guys learn internal gong is very good.What school is it?”Visible Tibetan edge five ugly internal work is really very extraordinary.So why does Jin da want to connect the Five Ugly Tibetan with Dalba and the Golden wheel of The French king?The inner skill of inheriting the Five Uglies in Tibet is special, which was taught to them by Darba.Darba was the second disciple of King Jinlunfa, so darba’s kung fu must have been taught by King Jinlunfa.The King of Golden Wheel practiced the prajna gong of dragon elephant, but his disciples Huo Du and Darba did not practice the prajna gong of dragon elephant.The Tibetan Five Ugly men are not practicing the martial arts that Darba is good at.Is it a mess?The martial arts of this class do not show the necessary relationship between master and apprentice!The internal work of The Five chouchou of Tibet edge can be linked, but some like quanzhen Seven tianggang Beidou array.Divinery follow-up plot and did not appear darba et al use internal power linked to the plot, it seems that the Tibetan side of the Tibetan edge of the five ugly practice this kung fu.So is the kung fu tradition dead?In fact, this internal skill did not stop in the world of Jin Da, and it appeared again in the Tibetan area in the era of relying on heaven, and it was on a larger scale.Zhang Wuji and Zhao Min once met twenty-four monks under king Ruyang, and they learned how to combine the body and the gong.It is said that this kind of martial arts handed down from Tianzhu, it seems that the Tibetan edge of the five ugly practice is this kind of kung fu.This from the side let us see jin dada’s construction of the martial arts world, Tibetan areas may be like shaolin Temple, master just guide disciples to practice martial arts, more theoretical guidance, as for their martial arts, it is their own practice.So that the group can continue to innovate and improve.04 Epilogue Through the description of the martial arts of the Tibetan Five Ugly, and then compared with his master master, it not only introduces the first boss of the divine carving world, King Jinwheel, but also shows us the huge martial arts of The Tibetan area.So that we have to rely on heaven in the world of unity and unity of the internal function of the ideological preparation.Do master and disciple’s martial arts have to be the same?In fact, the master should teach the Tao more than the skills, so that the latter will continue to progress.

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