Eason Chan all album 475 songs packaged “MP3+ lossless FLAC/42.86GB”

This is eason Chan 1996-2020 all album song collection, his song is quite many, and the chicken elder brother packaged lossless and high quality 2 kinds, with quite a long time to package, all put Baidu cloud, we need words can be downloaded directly on the line.Eason Chan (born 27 July 1974 in Hong Kong) is a Hong Kong pop singer and actor. He graduated from Kingston University in The UK.She made her debut in 1995 when she won the 14th Rookie Singing Contest.His debut album eason Chan was released in 1996.In 1997, he starred in his first film, Sister Of Mongkok.In 1998, she gained attention in the music industry with her song “The World is like No other”.The song king of Karaoke, released in 2000, established her status in the music industry.She released the pop-rock album “It’s Me” in 2001.In 2003, she released her first concept album black, White and Grey.The song “10 Years” from the album won the 4th Annual Pepsi Music Top 10 Award.The song “Grandiose” released in 2005 has become one of the representative works of her singing career.Since 2006, she has won the chizha Music Circle my favorite male singer award for 9 consecutive years in the chizha Music Circle Pop Chart award ceremony.In January 2008, he won the Award of Most Popular Male Singer in The Top ten Hit Songs “.In 2010, he won the Hong Kong and Taiwan Film Actor of the Year Award for his role in the drama “Money Empire”.In 2011, he founded his own MUSIC production company EAS MUSIC.In 2012, he released his dance-style Cantonese album… 3mm.In 2015, she won the best Mandarin Male Singer award at the 26th Taiwan Golden Melody Awards for her album Mi Shan.Another Eason'S LIFE World Tour.In 2017, the mandarin album C' Mon in~ was released.”L.O.V.E.” was released in 2018.Album/Single List: 1996- Eason Chan 01. Time Song 02. Hurt Letter 03.I’m afraid you don’t want to be a stray I’m afraid you don’t want to be a stray I’m afraid you don’t want to be a stray9. Actually I remember (Chorus – Miriam Yeung)10. When I feel in love 1997- A Tear 01.A tear 02 worship leng 03 love to crazy 04 forever dawn 05 love how to do 06.How can I cry 07. Learn to love 08.Style09. Night for two 10.Affection about 1997- with me often in 01 live broadcast 02 with me often in 03 love without around 04 life how good 05 hug this minute 06 that night have not said (Demo)07 escort 08 Go with me 09 wait for me today 10 enemy 11 That night have not said 1998- my happy times 01.My Happy Age 02. I have nothing 03. There is no equal in the world 04.The more I think about it, the less I think about it.12.Mr. Cab Driver13. (Acoustic Version)Time Song 14. Have Fun 15. You’ll Never be Alone again 1998- Brew 01.Fermenting 03 open hands 04 Changing seasons 05 Puppet of love 06 touched 07 I finally let go of her 08.Good reunion and good parting 09. Spoil 10.Premonition 1998- New Life 01. One hundred days at last 02. New Life 03. Wandering wound 04.I have nothing 05. Hell curse 06. With me often in 07.The sky is half and the earth is half.My Happy Times 14. More (Acoustic Version)15.I’m afraid you won’t live a Happy Life theme song from Superman 1999- God save my Lover 01.Yesterday 02. Today 03. Every tomorrow 04. Eyebrows 05.08. If this one second you tell me you don’t love me 09. My world end 10.Beethoven and I 1999- Wedding Wishes 01. Wedding Wishes 02. Tug-of-war 03.My start is here My turn is here My Gir06 empty certificate of sadness 08.1 Two three four 09 Just Between The Two of Us10Existence 1999- Happiness 01. Ferris Wheel of Happiness 02. Floating Floating 03.Suddenly sad expert talk 06 with you happy together 08 makeover 09.Superman theme song + Shit Man 2000-Nothing Really Matters01On the way to hospital 02. Night never comes 03. Beauty is guilty 04. Opera Lover 05. Peace Hotel 06.I’m grateful to have been here 08. When the earth did not spend 09.Made In Hong Kong10.Loving you is the fault of my eyes.29 & # 39;& # 39;There is no one like you in the world.The Golden Age 06. I have Nothing 07. The fifth Modernization 08.Wait for me today 10. Hug this minute 11. Live broadcast 12.We Don’t Cry 2000- Hit it hot 01. King of Karaoke 02.New jingle 04. Lower Animals 05. Continuous 06. Beautiful Lies 07.The breeze 08 Activity 09 greenhouse effect 10 The same time next week (goodbye)2001-Shall We Dance?Shall We Talk!02.Shall We Dance03.Shall We Talk04.200105A Space Odyssey 06 lost Love 07 Bicycle 08 Angel’s Gift 09 Eason'S Angel (Reprise)10. Monster 11. Lonely Tango 12.01.Because You'; 01.Re Good To Me02.Love is doubt 05. I wouldn’t do it either 06. King of Karaoke 07. Without you 08.Good Time2001-The Easy Ride01Aspirin 02 positive reaction 03 out of the mouth 04 eyes wide open 05 I’m not good at love 06.Rain Forest Artificial Intelligence End start It’s so good to be alive He’s alone 11.2002-Special Thanks To…01 Special Thanks To Sputnik 10 Days without Cell phones 11 Flea Market 12 Diary of a Madman 13Special Thanks To 314 Alice 2002- Five Star Home 01.Five star Bomb 02. Be here 03. Orphan 04. Truth 05.Looking for a Piece of Cloth 07. The Five Stars 09. Telling a Story 2002-The Line-Up01Ghost in my heart 02 I have I love you 03 next year today 04 People coming and going 05 third place 06.Two men meet in the street 10.Black face 2003- Black, White and Grey 01. Strange 02. We are all lonely 03. Brother and sister 04.10 want your world 07 Thank you 08 Like an advertisement 09 Sonata of Loneliness 10 LAST ORDER2003-Live For Today01Schadenfreude katrina House of Flying Daggers Yika side by side.Children don’t understand fear 06 lie 07 truth 08 guess love 09 forget lyrics 10 New Order11.2005-U-8701. Rotten 02. Ox 03. The setting sun is infinitely good 04.6 Jun 16 fine 05.Pompous 06 When grapes are ripe 07 Tango for three 08 Bad hobby 09 Fear of death 10.I met you 2005-how’s it going 01 can’t wait 02 sorry thank you 03 Hippie04 what else do you want me to do 05 don’t sleep 06 a night of fun 07 floating city 08 morning long class 09 listen to 10 god fight 2006-life Continues01. Low profile 02. People and cars 03. Best friends 04.07. Want to listen 2006-What'S Going On…?01. The Man in my Dress 02. The Last Hippie 03. White Rose 04.Under Mount Fuji better not to see the heart is breaking the cure the sky tunnel 10.Cantonese Film 2007- Let’s face it 01. Smoke 02. Eliminated 03. Happy boy 04.Red rose 05 dark moon and wind 06 Love transfer 07 Long time no see 08 Love is a book 09First Yuppie 10. White Sneakers 11. Man on the Moon (Cantonese)2007-Listen To Eason Chan01.Tropical Island Serenade03 Tropical Island Serenade03Flash Flash04. Concert Live Gig05.Waterloo Station06.Crying in the Party07Maniacal Revolution08.What the hell Do You want?Brother 2008- Don’t Want to let go.The road is always there 03. Solitary Animal 04. Rewind life 05.Don’t talk 08. Pretty Lady 09.12.Hidden Message2009- EDITED ROUGH MIX01Out of trouble like this Happened05Why are you crying? I fucked you.Bedside lamp 10. Here you are 11. Where do you begin 2009-H?M01.Allegro,Opus 3.3 a.m.02. What else can I send you 03.Only one thing to do today a traveler seven hundred years later Life Goes On08The sun also rises 09. Neither coming nor goingIn No Man’s Land 02. My Lord 03. Naked 04. Tourbillon 05.Ajinomoto 2010-Taste the Atmosphere01.13. Stranger Under My skin 2011-Stranger Under My skinMy Private Christmas Song04.Stranger Under My Skin05.07. Because of love 08. Paradise 2011-?01. The Lonely Patient 02. Ah EEi Ah 03. See through 04.Baby Song07. After listening to it a thousand times 08. Guilty 09.Do you want to go? 10. Blocks 11. Magic Makeup Artist 12.The girls who killed you 2012-…3MM01. Heavy taste 02. Indecency 03.Class04.I laugh so hard at me.Let It Out08.End 2013-The Key01. Theme 02. Farewell To Samo 03. Stockholm Lover 04.Be me 05 Far away 06 Amamnesia Butterfly 07 Head of bed 08 Cat and dog 2014- Entertainment Sky 02 Four Seasons Circle 03 Fool Happy 04 Not as easy as promise 05 Opposite 06 Give up treatment 07 Tunnel of Time 08 Ok 09 Cloudy Happy 10I want you to listen to me 2015- Getting ready 01.No strings attached 03. Life marathon 04. Black hole 05. Heart burning 06.Like someone 07. A Legend of Halloween 08. Starting Point?9. A Monologue of the Soul 10. The Possibility of Dreams 11.The sea urchin 03. Who will cut the moonlight 05.Black hole in bed 06.top right 07.beyond 08. foucault pendulum 09. a few minutes below zero 10.Cape 2018-L.O.V.E.01 8:15pm (Intro)02 Destruction King 03 Sea Sleepers 04 Gradually 05 Devotion (Interlude)06 Smoke 07 Stupid 08 Crazy Friends 09 Unity (Interlude)10 R U N11Tequila 12 We Live 13 Originality (Interlude)14 Frequent with you at 15Can a can again single 2010- Waiting for you to love me 2012- Dream of the sky beyond blue 2013- steady happiness 2013- Glorious years 2014- Diorus Mars 2014- You listen to me 2015- storm 2015- Accompany you through the long years 2016- Meet in this world 2016-IDo2016- Four Seasons 2016- Let me stay by your side 2018- We 2019- Trust your people 2019- Trust your people (Hot Blood Inspirational edition) 2020-Fight as ONE

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