Larry Ellison: 32 years old, nothing, back to $498 billion to rival Bill Gates

Have so a technology in the world, his individual character is dye-in-the-wood, Bohemian, he owns the world’s largest enterprise software company, with a fortune of 498 billion is among the world’s richest 11th, some people say that he is “playboy”, from the world famous model to beautiful women employees in the company are all his “hooking up” object, 72 still kept at the age of 25, Ukraine’s girlfriend,So far four marriages, ambiguous objects are Hollywood models and international famous actress.Some people say that he is the most arrogant rich man in the world, because he has at least 20 mansions around the world, and almost all of them are above 20 million DOLLARS. He also once exchanged the database for Israel’s fighter jets, but the US government only dares to intervene but dare not move.He was Bill Gates’ lifelong Nemesis and Jobs’ lifelong friend, Oracle boss Larry Ellison.Oracle may be a lot of people are not familiar, it is one of the largest enterprise software company in the world today, to more than 140 countries provide database, tools and applications as well as related consulting, training and support services, oracle can be said to be the “pervasive”, because almost every industry in the application of oracle technology,When you draw money in ATM machine or have a meal, take a taxi, taxes, mobile payment, buy tickets, salary, all can’t depart from the support of oracle database, it is one of the main revenue of the world’s biggest Internet software royalty and service charge, like apple’s ios and Google’s android is oracle programming language,Google also pays oracle about $8.8 billion a year in royalties.Of course, in addition to Google, the world’s largest giant in pay, such as alibaba, amazon, tencent, huawei, Toshiba, SONY, samsung, apple, Intel, jingdong, etc., oracle is directly take the top of the food chain, so far as to say that in the field of global software, in addition to Microsoft, it is to dare to so-called “eldest brother”,Oracle has a market capitalization of more than $280 billion, according to a December 2021 report by Finance Union.In fact, in many people’s eyes, the best is not oracle, but its creator, larry ellison, the bosses very legendary life, he can say is nothing before the age of 32, no savings, no special features also have no achievement, his first wife was also left him unable to bear, but from then on, ellison’s life, like the hang,Straight to the top.Ellison was born in Manhattan, New York, in 1944 to a Russian-Jewish mother, an unmarried 19-year-old girl, so he was raised with relatives, not just at birth, but also as a college dropout.For this reason, Ellison also gave a speech at Yale University encouraging college students to drop out. Since he himself was a dropout, Ellison is a highly controversial figure, and many people hate his behavior.Before the age of 32, a “roll” character ellison is already there, he had no college degree, also have no skill, but even so he still lived a abnormal life of luxury, such as in the case of cost of living is not enough out thousands of dollars to buy a boat, at ordinary times is not spend a penny will not relent until finally, in this way, his wife leave him.I don’t know whether his wife left “stimulate” him, in a short time, Ellison unexpectedly embarked on the “right” life, in fact, Ellison’s fortune can be said to stem from a mistake in IBM.At the time, IBM researchers published a landmark paper called relational Models for Large Shared Database Data, which laid the theoretical foundation for relational database software.Unfortunately, IBM’s researchers were mostly academic, so they didn’t take the paper seriously and didn’t launch the product right away, which allowed Ellison, who had been working on databases, to read the paper and start working on it.Mr Ellison will have a characteristic is special “fool”, he pull to two colleagues, and all of its net worth $1200, and founded “software development lab,” is the predecessor of the oracle, not long after, they launched the first generation of oracle database, but the original product quality is not pass, because no technology, accumulated bugs,It was all bluff that sold it.When the second generation of Oracle was launched, there were two “big customers”. The first was the famous American Central Intelligence Agency, also known as CIA. It was said that CIA was in urgent need of a modern system software to help manage their huge and chaotic intelligence information, but the “big brother” IBM only had theories and prototypes but no products.Ellison seized the opportunity of a lifetime and went straight to the CIA, which helped him and Oracle build a huge corporate market for what is now a buggy database but was the most advanced software at the time.Oracle’s other big client is the Office of Naval Intelligence, and it’s easy to see why Oracle has been so successful. Its reputation for serving government agencies and having endorsements from both the CIA and THE OFFICE of Naval Intelligence quickly spread, and it didn’t take long for international business titans to team up with Ellison.In 1982, the company was officially named Oracle, and four years later, it went public and began its global expansion.By 1988, Oracle was the fourth-largest software company in the world, its revenues had exploded and Ellison was a regular on the rich lists.Although ellison wild at ordinary times, had a playful tricks, but once in working state, almost completely is two people, he is a very like the person who even obsessed with competition, a lot of people see is just a big rich, but after the rich return to the company, is also a fine super workaholic, ellison’s idol is said to be genghis khan,He thinks genghis Khan led the Mongol army to expand territory in Eurasia, just as he conquered territory in the fields of technology and commerce, which also shows Ellison’s strong competitive spirit and ambition.By 2013, Oracle was on a par with Microsoft, and Bill Gates had the enemy of his life.Ellison competes with Bill Gates not only in business, but also in private life.Do you all remember Bill Gates’ mansion, which is called Xanadu? It is located on the shores of Lake Washington in Seattle, USA. There is a huge fish tank in the mansion, which is specially used to raise the world’s largest fish, whale shark.Whale sharks are rare, endangered and one of the oldest creatures in the world, and there are plenty of amazing designs in the mansion.But Mr Ellison after visiting the Bill Gates mansion is directly said these words, code farming is really have no taste, then he would spend hundreds of millions of dollars in the United States built a mountain lake and tea house of Japan palace garden, it is said that the prince’s palace is modeled after the 16th century Japan, of course, this is just one of many homes in ellison,He owns about 20 luxury homes around the world, all with an average price of around $20 million.Moreover, ellison is a fan of aircraft, he used to drive the made in Italy “omar’s s – 211” type of fighter jets and friends simulated air combat, on the Pacific Ocean and ellison is the play, the more he once wanted to buy decommissioned Russian mig fighter, then “open it to the roof of Bill Gates swooped down”,But it’s on hold because US Customs won’t allow Russian fighter jets into the country.After he again to get the latest version of the Israeli warplanes and almost database, then Israel wants to buy the oracle database, so ellison said can use aircraft exchange, frighten government intervention, the deal did not succeed, it wasn’t long before Saudi Arabia also want to buy database, ellison almost almost successful,Finally, the U.S. government had no choice but to ban him from entering the country.Unlike other tech moguls, Ellison is willing to spend money, risk his life and, crucially, taste.General technology bosses dress are very inside collect, such as jobs is black turtleneck sweater and jeans, zuckerberg is shirt cowboy otaku wind, but Mr Ellison is completely different, go out is $ten thousand worth of armani, with hundreds of thousands of dollars of rolex, millions of top sports car in his eyes was nothing at all,No less than ten ferraris have broken down this guy.So have people think Mr Ellison is one of the most arrogant rich, it is worth mentioning that the arrogance of American technology giant is once say fear China, he once said in an interview it is America’s largest rival, cannot make China produce more engineers than the United States, and China in the field of economy and science and technology once more than the United States, that they are “over”.It has to be said that Ellison, who is extremely keen in business, is no less keen in politics. He sensed the inevitable trend of China’s rise, so he made Oracle close its R&d center in China nervously. Some people have analyzed that the purpose behind this layoff is not simple, but political layoff in a sense.However, no matter what moves the US giants may make and what moves the US government may make, China’s rise is bound to be unstoppable. Instead of trying to block and suppress China, it is better to accept it head-on and seek a mutually beneficial path.

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