Anyang sealed control area has been all unsealed to achieve low risk in the whole area

Press conference (anyang reporters Guo Youming perturbation) new cases 14 consecutive “social reset” isolation “reset” the city seal centralization control points for four days have been unsealed All domain low-risk anyang reporters Chang Xiuming 24 to February 2, the city new cases have been 14 to realize “social reset”,The quarantine point has been “cleared” for four consecutive days, the containment area has been unsealed, and the whole region has achieved low risk. This marks the comprehensive and effective control of this round of epidemic and a decisive victory in the Omicron battle in Zhuhai.National flow adjustment expert team members, the city CDC disease control physician shao Ge, the city of this round of the epidemic, there are the following four characteristics: one is the spread of fast, rapid.The current outbreak in Our city was caused by a variant strain of Omicron, and the virus had spread coverly for at least three generations when the first reported case was discovered.The spread of the virus is fast, the number of infected people is increasing rapidly, and the risk of its spread is high.A total of 468 cases have been reported since January 8, and the number of cases increased rapidly from January 10. After a plateau, the number peaked on January 17, with 94 new cases reported on that day and 402 cumulative cases within 10 days, accounting for 85.9% of the total number of reported cases of this epidemic.Second, school and family gathering.The first reported case of this epidemic came from Yucai School. The virus had been secretly spreading in the school for 6 days before the discovery, resulting in a large number of infected students.With the development of the epidemic, there is a significant clustering of families.From January 24 to 29, 5 isolated cases were reported within 5 days. Combined with field investigation and historical surveillance footage, they were follow-up cases of family infection in the previous period.In the case of the confirmed case reported on Sunday, seven members of a family lived together, and one of them infected other members of the family. As a result, four members of the family became ill at the quarantine site.Third, the difficulty of prevention and control is unprecedented.The current outbreak in Our city is the first time in China to deal with the local omicron outbreak, so there are no mature practices and experience to learn from.At the same time, the number of cases increased rapidly in a short period of time, and a large number of cases produced a large number of close contacts and sub-close contacts, which brought great pressure to flow investigation, screening, isolation and control.Fourth, prevention and control work was orderly and efficient.In this round of epidemic, the community was cleared in 12 days, and the quarantine point was cleared in 22 days, with no spillover.This is due to the rapid identification of the source of infection and the timely isolation and control of close contact and sub-close contact;Scientific and rapid demarcation of containment area and control area, accurate control of risk groups;Measures such as closing all exit channels to prevent unauthorized personnel from leaving the city were taken promptly;At the same time, thanks to the active support and cooperation of the city’s citizens, the defense line of mass defense and group control has been established.

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