Chen East another god for explosion red, with 9.8 score, force pressure “one sword alone” summit fantasy bound!

“Everything has a crack, that is where the light comes in”, let xiaobian to shine into your heart, to ease your anguish!Chen East another god for explosion red, with 9.8 score, force pressure “one sword alone” summit fantasy bound!The first book: “Soul sword zunzun” author: Cloud sky wonderful excerpted first: young age is not old, about 16 years old, the face still carries a bit childish, but his pair of eyes, is dark deep, distant staring water house, flash a sharp fine aeng.”This young man seems to be chu Xingyun, a young master of the Chu family. It is said that he was born weak and sickly. He is a real waste.Inside shui jiamen, several young men in green clothes put out their heads, full of curiosity to look at the carriage next to the boy in cloth.”I heard that he had come to propose marriage. He had been waiting at the door early, looking at his appearance, probably coveting the beauty of the eldest lady.””Miss?A few boys leng, eyes full of surprise color.Miss Water home named water Qianyue, five years old xi wen, seven years old wen move west wind city, ten years old abandon text from wu, practice only three months, then communication heaven and earth, condensed out of the four products wuling.Now she is 16 years old, it is said that she has reached the ninth level of quenched body, such a talent, not only in the water home, in the Zephyr City is a legend, unparalleled.More key is, shui Qianyue not only talent is amazing, more have the appearance of a full moon, it is the first belle of zephyr City.If shui jia open marriage, just to visit the young handsome enough to row from the east to the west of the city.”I heard that Chu Xingyun six years old began to practice, ten years old to gather wuling, and, or the most garbage product Wuling, even a few of us are inferior.”(click below free reading) second: “Perfect world” author: Chen East wonderful excerpt priority: have to say, the three green scale eagle are very intelligent, supernatural very, understand human nature, what they say can understand, just can’t speak human language.Especially the third ziyun is the most intelligent, but also particularly strong, just one meter long there was a flapping wings, ran out of the village, tore several tigers and wolves, so that the village people look dumbstruck.”Violet come quickly.”Shihao ran in front, Ziyun pidianpidianpidian in the back, which makes a group of children are envious, this magical young bird with little point very close.”Tweet!Ziyun came closer and beat Spot on his back with a pair of scaly wings, hardly reminiscent of a fierce green-scaled eagle.”Really a flatterer, isn’t the little one teach you bone prose?!”A group of angry children curled their mouths.Little one is unique, must teach three green scale eagle to learn human research out of bone text, the results of this mutation of ziyun learning special enthusiasm, smarter than human, and he is more and more close.”Whew!”Spot raised his arm, the runes lit up, both arms were dotted and sparkly, and then he pointed and hissed a little red bird that set a big tree on fire in front of him.Pop, pop…Ziyun beat each other with her wings and made a sound like applauses. A pair of watery eyes blinked, and her mouth twittered continuously, showing her fawning color.Priority: After all, the prince of ye Fu is ye Lang now, and no one wants to offend Ye Lang and the grand Patriarch.For his part, Mr Yip did not care.You can only see a man when he is in trouble.Ye Xuan stopped. He turned his head and looked at Ye Ling. “If anyone dares to hit you, even if he is an elder, I will kill him!”With these words, he took Yeling and walked quickly away.Soon, Ye Xuan leads Ye Ling to Ye Fu’s kitchen, when a fat man comes out.This man, is in charge of the whole Ye Kitchen wang Guan!At this time, the Leaf xuan suddenly a swift step came to the front of the wang manager, the wang manager has not reacted, leaf Xuan directly kicked in the crotch of the wang manager.”Ah!”Wang general manager eyes round open, facial features in a moment of distortion.(Click below to read for free) Whether the above share comfort your heart, if so, please leave small editor attention and collection, convenient next time to find oh ^

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