Over a gigabit of happiness, sailing from telecommunications

The changes of communication tools record the development of society and highlight the progress of The Times.From letters, telegrams, telephones to mobile phones, from feature phones to smart phones, in just a few decades, the change of means of communication catalyzes the change of life style, the development of text, voice, image and communication network has opened a door to a new world for us.The history of communication tools is also the history of communication networks.The earliest 1G network could only provide simple and unstable voice call function. The 2G network emerged later. Although the more stable call scene made 7*24 hours online communication possible, it was far from meeting people’s demand for network.Faster Internet speeds give more possibilities to smart phones, and from 4G to 5G, and then to gigabit light network (F5G), the development of communication and telecommunication networks bring us more and more perfect life experience and more and more possibilities in the future.The fiber OPTIC 5G private network (the fifth generation fixed broadband network) created by Guangxi Telecom is an efficient and secure private domain network customized for users.Under the gigabit broadband and gigabit WiFi built together, in order to “wide, super gigabit connection, low latency, safe and efficient, wisdom” as purport rules, according to user requirements to customize all fiber network scheme, implementing gigabit WiFi all-round, three-dimensional, fully resolve conflict is strong, big interference signal, poor coverage and low rate of the old Internet experience pain points,Let everyone in the family have a super-gigabit Internet experience, in every room, at every moment.On September 7, accidentally read the news that, with the opening of the gigabit network in Lingchuan County, Guilin City, Tanxia Town and Guili Township, Ziyuan County, China Telecom Guangxi company has completed the coverage of the gigabit network in the whole region, and the number of gigabit telecom broadband users in the region exceeds 1 million, ranking the top three in the country.The huge data is a practical action to implement the “double gigabit” Network coordinated development action plan launched by the state this year, and basically complete the “double gigabit” network infrastructure policy covering all urban areas and eligible towns and townships.Since then, with the popularity of 5 g telecom optical fiber private network, can let the gigabit broadband service, better to the district hospital, office, school, and other functions, all-optical connection into one thousand any profession, comprehensively promotes family, industry, cities join experience, wisdom, accelerate industry digital transformation, promote from the optical fiber to the home to light things.From letters to smart phones, the development of telecommunications for me to shorten the distance between family;From life to work, telecom brings me perfect life experience;From family to perfect home, telecom opens a beautiful new life for my family.A thousand gigabytes of happiness, sailing from perfect home.Everyone has a cloud, every family has a cloud.Under the great achievement of “double gigabit”, Telecom is not satisfied with the status quo and continues to reform. Relying on double 5G, it continues to promote the implementation of the strategy of “cloud to digital”.At present, double 5G cloud packages have been launched, so that personalized cloud meetings, cloud computers, cloud albums, cloud monitoring (Tianyi Home), Tianyi cloud box (Internet TV) can meet the needs of individuals and families for multi-scene information consumption through the cloud package of “cloud space + traffic + voice + SMS”.The continuous development of telecommunications, for our better life, so that life has a qualitative development.Use good gigabit, find telecom!# Light 1000 Life Dreams

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