Three major railway stations in Shanghai will be open all night today and tomorrow

On January 28, the 12th day of the Spring Festival travel rush, Shanghai railway station is expected to handle 370,000 passengers, double the number of the first day, including 106,000 at Shanghai Railway station, 43,000 at Shanghai Hainan Railway station and 221,000 at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway station.With the Spring Festival approaching, the passenger flow from Shanghai to other parts of the country has increased significantly. 36 additional trains are planned to run on that day, mainly in hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi and Anhui provinces.In order to better serve passengers, On January 28 and 29, Shanghai Railway Station, Shanghai South Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station will be open all night, uninterrupted air conditioning, water supply, to provide passengers with a comfortable waiting environment;The toilets of Shanghai Hongqiao Station are equipped with intelligent sterilization and deodorization system to provide clean, fresh and comfortable toilet environment for passengers.Shanghai South Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station have set up a window for ticket service, allowing passengers to avoid rushing when they repurchase tickets after refunding or changing tickets.Railway departments to remind the vast number of passengers, railway tickets printed on the bus time is Based on Beijing time, from zero to calculate, the implementation of 24 hours.Passengers who buy early morning tickets must confirm the date of purchase of tickets, after 23:59 is the midnight of the next day, do not delay the trip because of the wrong time.Passengers who need reimbursement vouchers should not print at the bus station as far as possible, but can print within 30 days after arriving at the station or driving. On the one hand, it can reduce the waiting time of passengers at the station. On the other hand, if the trip needs to be changed, passengers can directly handle the change and refund online.Author: Zhang Xiaoming Editor: Wang Jiayi Responsible editor: Shan Yingwen * Wenhui exclusive manuscript, reproduced please indicate the source.

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