He Zizhen’s daughter: she lived in the folk for more than 40 years. She did not want to reveal that she was the daughter of the chairman. She did not see her mother

Long March road, bitter not only physical, more is a test of people’s will.When teammates fell, when had to put down the newborn child, the Red Army’s long March spirit in the long grass, cold snow mountains, full of new glory.During the Long March of the Red Army, Chairman MAO had placed his daughter in a foster home with a peasant family, but she was never heard of until years later, when she was never seen again by her parents.In 1928, Chairman MAO and He Zizhen got married. They admired each other and loved each other very much.The following year, their child MAO Jinhua was born.However, it was a time of war at that time, and the revolutionary situation was severe. Adults often had to run everywhere, so it was not convenient for a child just one month old.So the two people can only trust the child to a shoemaker there, returned the shoemaker 20 silver dollars, hoping that he can take good care of the child.But this was the last time they would see the boy.Three years later, He zizhen returned to the area and found a shoemaker to bring back her child.Unexpectedly, the shoemaker insisted that the child had passed away. He Zizhen was heartbroken, but when she saw the shoemaker’s shifty look in his eyes and the unnatural way he asked for the child’s details, she felt that things were not so simple.So he Zizhen sent people to find out whether the child was still alive and what had happened.However, the revolutionary task was urgent, and the large army could not stay in this place for too long. He Zizhen got nothing and could only leave first.In fact, as he Zizhen expected, MAO Jinhua did not die, but the shoemaker was afraid of the Kuomintang spy revenge, not long to throw the child into a grocery door.Tossing and turning, MAO Jinhua to the present home, renamed Yang Yuehua.Under the care of the adoptive parents, although life is very difficult, but fortunately Yang Yuehua did not suffer any pain, and later married and had a child, is also a relatively successful life.In fact, during the Long March of the Red Army and the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, many communist children were fosters in peasant households. Lucky children returned to their parents, while many died or disappeared, eventually separated from their parents and never met again.Of course, many communists died and their children were never found. Many martyrs do not even have their offspring commemorated.This is a historical tragedy, but also the sacrifice of a generation for the revolutionary cause.It was not until after liberation that Yang Yuehua was found, but when the relevant leaders asked the shoemaker, he repeatedly contradicted, and Yang Yuehua’s identity has not been confirmed.Later, according to the shoemaker’s daughter and son-in-law, they were also thinking about Yang Yuehua.At that time, many people did not know when the war would stop. Many people worried that the Kuomintang would come back and assassinate its agents.The children of the revolutionaries became sitting ducks.In order to protect these children, we all agreed to the same caliber, no matter who asked, said the child was dead.Even if kuomintang agents came, there would be no way to hold them accountable.Besides, the shoemaker had thrown away the golden flower long ago. He did not want to be accused of throwing away the president’s daughter without benevolence or justice. When the time came, his parents would come to ask for help.But he knew That Yang Yuehua was MAO Jinhua, so when the leadership to ask for the first time, he just said, and then he wanted to take advantage of the point, privately find Yang Yuehua said: “later you are flying, give me some money to buy wine to drink.”Unexpectedly Yang Yuehua this person temper is very hard, ignore him at all, the shoemaker angry on the back, the next day directly and the leadership said, MAO Jinhua at that time is dead, and later no matter who comes to ask, will be the same sentence.To his surprise, the shoemaker directly said, “Yang Yuehua is so ungrateful that it does me no good. Why should I help her?If I deny it, there’s nothing anyone can do! ‘In those days, there was nothing anyone could do about a matter the person did not admit, and the matter was dropped.Until someone later attacked Yang yuehua as a “liar” who wanted to impersonate Chairman MAO’s daughter.At that time, deng Zihui, who was in charge of this matter, told the leaders that Yang Yuehua’s blood type and birth age can be completely on the chairman, and basically can determine that Yang Yuehua is the chairman’s daughter, but because of some reasons, the news did not reach Chairman MAO.Perhaps the fate of father and daughter is shallow, although Yang Yuehua can be confirmed at that time and the chairman’s daughter, the chairman know this matter, very excited, want to arrange to meet the next day.But the next day Chairman MAO decided that the folk children should go back to the folk.Perhaps the chairman was afraid of disappointment at the end, or perhaps he didn’t have the courage to meet the boy.What parent doesn’t love their child, but what do you say to a father and daughter who have never met after 40 years of separation?If she is not good, they will feel bad, if it is not their own credit.Besides, the child already belonged to the people, not chairman MAO himself.After so many years of ordinary life, the sudden change is not necessarily a good thing for the family.So father and daughter didn’t see each other until the president died.On the other hand, Yang Yuehua and He’s brother He Minxue’s family after the acquaintance, frequent contact.He Zizhen has always wanted to see his brother instead of his own daughter, but the body has been bad, plus a number of reasons, two people have not been able to meet.Although she could not meet her biological parents, Yang Yuehua was conscientious and diligent in her job and never regarded herself as “Chairman MAO’s daughter”.I was injured in a fire, and it took me a long time to recover. Another time, my ribs were broken in the first line of fighting against floods, and I didn’t complain about anything.In this way, she won praise from many people.In the end, it doesn’t matter whose child it is, what matters is that Yang Yuehua can devote herself to the country, so that other names are icing on the cake.In fact, there may still be many revolutionary orphans scattered around the country.Maybe not officially, but everyone who died in the revolution, who fought for the revolution deserves our respect.

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