Male master bought 60 square meters old room to do marriage room, and then spend 30 thousand for transformation, let the old room completely turn over

A man recently bought an old house of 60 square meters as a wedding house.When he first bought it, the interior was out of date and looked a bit too dull.Finally, male advocate decides to spend 30 thousand yuan to undertake simple to old room decorate.Also don’t say, the effect after decoration is not bad, let the old room turned over thoroughly, we come to see ~ the small home before transformation before small home decoration, there are still a lot of problems.The decoration that discovers this small home at first glance is very old, ceramic tile has aged turn yellow, very ugly.The sofa of the sitting room and TV setting wall also do not have what simple sense it seems that, decorate like last times, suitable livable sex is reduced greatly.When walking into the bedroom, you can find the walls and even alkalization.The integrated ark made before is also seriously deformed, the door can not even be closed.In view of the above series of problems, the male hero began to transform the house. After all the old furniture in the house was emptied, it took almost a day to complete the demolition work.Due to his limited budget, he only renovated the living room and bedroom, while the kitchen and bathroom did not carry out major renovation, but only cleaned and decorated in a small area.Of course, all the old walls were removed, and then the whole house was painted with a simple white wall paint for a fresh look.The old floor tiles were replaced with wooden floors.Anyhow, after a transformation, until the furniture in the home are moved in, the effect of transformation just come out completely.Come and see the renovated home!After the small home after transformation is decorated, small home looks really different.Once looked very cheap balcony work area, did cabinet afresh, changed desk and chair, spread the floor, changed curtain, looked a lot more beautiful.The window sills and wardrobes in the bedroom have also been replaced, the old rickety wooden cabinet has been replaced with a new cabinet in the top door, and a one-piece dresser has been designed next to it, which is simple and practical.The biggest change in the sitting room is to replace the old yellow ceramic tile with brand-new floor, put on new sofa and new floor, very fashionable.The old panel TV wall is now replaced with a one-piece cabinet suspension TV cabinet design, which echoes the color and interior decoration, full of high sense.But there are no TV options at the moment, and there is a big area to fill.Sofa area, from original “make do”, became present comfortable languid lazy area.In consideration of daily living habits, the couple eliminated the position of the princess chair.In the end, the Windows in the living room did not change much, except for the addition of blinds to create a hazy aesthetic.This article so far to share here, I hope this set of cases to give you some reference.Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section and thanks for reading!-END- Disclaimer: part of the text, pictures, videos and other contents of the article, including but not limited to the above mentioned from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete, copyright belongs to the original author.Finally share, click “below the blue word”, free application for a designer for your home renovation design.500 owners nationwide apply for free design places

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