Qi Yang city to carry out the spirit of provincial two sessions and current work arrangements will be held

Rednet moment On January 30 news (correspondent Deng Qinyou) On January 28 afternoon, Qi Yang city held to convey the spirit of the provincial two sessions and the current work arrangements will be deployed, Yongzhou City CPPCC vice chairman, Qi Yang municipal Party secretary Jiang Liangtie, Qi Yang Municipal Party secretary, Mayor Chen Xiaoping,Qi Yang city leaders Ike Hai, Peng Guofeng, Tang Xu, Wang Yachun, Gong Honghui, Bai Xiongwen, Jiang Mingming, Wu Dongtao, Zhang Le, Liu Cheng attended the meeting.At the meeting, conveyed the main spirit of the two provincial conferences, conveyed the spirit of the fifth session of the 13th Hunan Provincial People’s Congress, conveyed the spirit of the fifth session of the 12th Hunan Provincial CPPCC, and made comprehensive arrangements for the current work.The meeting stressed that to improve the political stance, deepen the ideological understanding, the province CPPCC learning spirit as an important political task of the current, practical and ideological and action unity to learn province CPPCC spirit, build consensus to learn and think deeper, enlightenment, combined with the staff as the qiyang economic development and offer an option, does the practical work.The meeting called for regular epidemic prevention and control, targeted control of those at risk, data screening, and prevention and control in key places and areas.It is necessary to strengthen publicity and guidance, make full use of such platforms as village communication, TELEVISION and new media to put epidemic prevention knowledge into the brain and heart, establish an emergency response mechanism, and implement all epidemic prevention and control measures in detail.Meeting requirements, all levels and departments to improve the political position, effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency of production safety, strictly implement the requirements of production safety responsibility, overall planning to do a good job in key industries, key enterprises, key areas of production safety work, do a full coverage of investigation, all-round rectification, effectively safety hazards rectification in place.We must pay high attention to the situation, strengthen dispatch, and effectively guard against low-temperature rain, snow and freezing weather to ensure that the people have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.We should strictly observe the “bottom line of honesty” during the Spring Festival, strictly implement the relevant regulations and requirements on style construction, as well as the on-duty system during the Spring Festival, to ensure the orderly operation of all work during the Spring Festival, effective response, safety and stability.

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