Send you out, meet you triumphant civil aviation escort sonorous roses

“China Civil Aviation News” and China Civil Aviation Network reporters Qian Bo, Hu Xi, wang Xurui, Lu Yin reported: “Eastern 7118, thank you for welcoming the Chinese women’s football team triumphal return, please convey the east China Air Traffic management’s respect to the champions, welcome home”, “received 7118, we will convey”.At 19:27 PM on February 7th, Beijing time, the Chinese women’s National Football Team, which had just won the Asian Cup, arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport on MU7118 chartered flight from Mumbai, India.From January 16 departure to February 7 return, civil aviation escort rose sonorous, send them out, meet their triumphant return.On January 16, chartered by the triumph of the same unit also women’s girl for the Asian cup on January 16, chartered by the triumph of the same unit also women’s girl on the Asian cup for the original unit after the women’s home “here is the pilot, respect of all members of the Chinese women’s football, we have flights fly into the sky of the motherland.Sonorous roses, we are proud of you for your honor.”At 16:50 PM on February 7, captain Yan xiangrong’s in-flight announcement blared as MU7118 entered Chinese airspace.At 16:50 PM on February 7th, the chartered plane flew into China’s airspace. [Video: New Year’s Day] The crew of the flight was the original crew of MU7117, which was sent by China Eastern Airlines on January 16th. At that time,The flight took off from Shanghai Pudong at 00:56 on January 16 and arrived at Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport at 06:43 Indian local time.After receiving a return flight mission, China Eastern has established a detailed security plan, fast navigation application, on February 6, China Eastern airlines crew to fly to mumbai, investment return preparation, crew members also specially to bring your family to watch written when everyone and Spring Festival couplets, and pasted into the cabin, only patched up a busy year for women’s girl.[video: speech] China Eastern airlines crew to stick couplets on the Spring Festival for the women’s girl patched up New Year’s women’s football team took a group photo with the crew members and patched up the Spring Festival (cea for figure) eastern Delhi office in mumbai airport on February 7th day special set up exclusive fast check-in counter, a dedicated waiting area, will guide the whole process of boarding service and epidemic prevention information provided.On the flight home, due to the need of epidemic prevention, crew put on with “welcome home, our hero” wording, such as the embodiment of protective clothing, “white” but in flight attendants welcome aboard, many women will “see through” the “white” true identity: “summer manager, meet again” “wang, have you favorable ah”…The girls greeted the crew happily.”You can always trust the Chinese women’s football team!The purser’s welcome announcement spoke for millions.After the plane leveled off, the women’s soccer team sang “My Country and I” with flight attendants in the cabin, while thousands of miles away in the east Shipping Control Center lobby, employees waved five-star red flags and cheered.[video: China Eastern machine feeder women’s – waving the flag for charter flights] east shipping control hall east shipping charges chartered hall to waving the flag for China Eastern airlines staff in operation control in the hall to waving the flag (cea for figure) the airport staff to meet women’s triumph (Shanghai airport for figure) to share space interconnection triumphant joy about 5113 km from mumbai to Shanghai flight,The flight takes about six hours.China Eastern airlines has made meticulous preparations for its cabin services, such as “fu” (福), Spring Festival couplets, cakes with cartoon images of Chinese women’s football, and well-prepared in-flight lunar New Year snacks…A jubilant farewell to the women’s soccer girl.China Eastern airlines crew for ShuiQingXia guidance (right) and women’s girl ready to welcome the cake and blessings calligraphy (cea for figure) cea for women’s girl cake (cea for figure) it is worth mentioning that the Chinese women’s football’s home, the air can online greeting all the long awaited family returned to the motherland compatriots live on board.China Eastern Airlines is the first airline company in China to implement the in-flight high-speed network scheme, which has realized the comprehensive coverage of its 97 wide-body aircraft. The A330 aircraft of China Eastern Airlines, which performs the charter mission, has the high-speed aviation Internet function and the powerful air-ground interconnection, so that the Internet experience of female football team members in the air is basically the same as the 4G network on the ground.On the way back to China, head coach Shui Qingxia and the players realized video connection and real-time interaction through the open space Internet service, sharing the excitement of winning the championship and the bit by bit in the process of the match.In the air and the ground of every link, interlocking relay carefully protect the sonorous roses homeward voyage.After learning the flight information, the Pudong Tower control room of EAST China Air Traffic Administration of CAAC made a guarantee plan in time, cooperated with other air traffic control departments and coordinated the nearest parking space with airport departments to ensure that the Chinese women’s football team members could set foot on the motherland as soon as possible.For this charter flight, Pudong Airport has formulated a special guarantee scheme, set up a separate information declaration area for the Chinese women’s football team, and ensured personnel guidance and closed-loop isolation during the whole process.”China Eastern Airlines flight 7118, Pudong apron, Shanghai Pudong Airport warmly welcome the triumphant return of The Chinese Women’s football team!”After the flight arrived, the ground controller of Pudong Airport immediately sent best wishes to the Chinese women’s football team and guided the flight to park stably at Flight no. 77.In the T2 arrival area of Shanghai Pudong International Airport, the ground service staff of China Eastern Airlines, wearing six-piece epidemic prevention suits and holding greeting cards, welcomed the arrival of the Chinese women’s football team.After disembarking from the plane, the staff of China Eastern Airlines assisted the Chinese women’s football team to quickly pass through the flow control area, fill in the sampling form, take nucleic acid test samples, complete border control procedures, pick up checked luggage, and escort the women’s football team into the traffic security area to put them on the bus.At the entry stage of Pudong Airport, customs departments took the initiative to coordinate with each other and, in accordance with the joint prevention and control mechanism, boarded flights at the first time to carry out epidemic prevention work at the port.Shanghai after the immigration authorities received a charter flight security tasks, planning in advance, the careful deployment, open a special channel for women’s, transferred business skilled civilian police special service team, the entire docking the immigration immigration formalities, lead the women’s team, for the women’s line entry provides a safe, convenient and efficient customs clearance service.It is reported that after returning to Shanghai, the Chinese women’s soccer team will be transported to a hotel through a closed loop for “14+7” quarantine in accordance with relevant regulations on epidemic prevention.Civil aviation for the women’s football Asian Cup escort also successfully completed.

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