Agricultural guidance sent to yongzhou spring farming epidemic prevention two not by mistake

Today yongzhou news (reporter Tang Botao correspondent Tan Hong) “to choose more cold resistant rice quality, at the same time, especially when the temperature change, to open the greenhouse in time, pay attention to drainage ventilation!”In the morning of March 25, Lingling District Shishanjiao street of Longken rice planting professional cooperative seedling greenhouse, Yongzhou Agricultural science and Technology expert Wang Ming door-to-door service, for the planting of large households to provide early rice seedling technical guidance, to help improve the seedling rate and seedling quality.Longken Specialized Rice Planting Cooperative is one of the largest specialized early rice seedling cultivation bases in Lingling District, providing seedlings for more than 10,000 mu of early rice production.At present, it is the critical period of early rice seedling cultivation, and the sudden epidemic situation has brought severe challenges to spring tillage production, and the cooperative’s spring tillage preparation, agricultural supplies, labor and other aspects have been affected to varying degrees.At the same time, since the middle of March, “sudden warm” and “sudden cold” abnormal weather hit, making this is not smooth seedling work more difficult, seedlings in the greenhouse rot seedlings dead phenomenon.If technical measures are not taken to remedy it in time, it will seriously affect seedling cultivation and the follow-up work of spring tillage production in the whole region.City agricultural science and technology team of agricultural technology personnel came to seedling greenhouse door guidance longken rice planting professional cooperative as a large planting, city agricultural science and technology has been long-term help for more than 10 years, the key period of spring tillage seedling every year, the institute of agricultural technology experts regularly to provide technical guidance.In the morning, agricultural technology experts on the long Ken rice planting professional cooperative “rotten seedlings dead seedlings” problem “pulse consult”, guide the head of the cooperative to take drainage, ditch, sun, pay attention to heat preservation ventilation measures, strengthen field management, promote seedling root alive, prevent seedling rot root, improve seedling quality.Affected by the epidemic and the weather, the rice seedling can’t according to understand, as the city’s agricultural science and technology guidance and services unit, the municipal NongKeSuo put to solve the problem of the “distress sorrow to” the peasants as the starting point and foothold of work, let staff into the fields of science and technology, and the outbreak for farming, power spring MinYou solution, the current is the most important technical measures in a timely manner to the hands of farmers,We will boost farmers’ confidence in growing grain, stabilize early rice production in Zhuhai, and ensure the security of grain and oil supply.”Where there is a ‘critical’ problem, there is our scientific research team.”City NongKeSuo total agronomist xiao-jun jiang told reporters that since march, which has sent more than 100 people, technical service deeply in the urban areas of counties, docking key agricultural enterprises, professional cooperatives, grain large more than 40, 50 a variety of high-quality new varieties of crops, more than 20 practical technology, give play to the role of science and technology support, delay the epidemic season back,To recover the losses caused by the epidemic.

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