Finally waiting for this day, Russia more than 500 people went to the Winter Olympics, Putin a word of China’s angry praise

As we all know, China will soon usher in an event that the whole country is eagerly looking forward to, that is, the holding of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. In order to meet the most sincere wishes of friends from all over the world, the hospitable Chinese people are opening their arms to welcome political leaders from all over the world to participate in the “Winter Olympic Engagement”.However, in the face of China’s “national celebration”, the atmosphere of the United States is obviously not very harmonious, many times using “trumped-up” charges to attack China, in order to prevent China Beijing Winter Olympics held, made a lot of absurd deeds.Finally, to this day even though the present global outbreak of the new champions league still nervous, but in order to celebrate the arrival of this day made positioned for China and the world about China will host the winter games also attaches great importance to and wishes, as external evaluation, China has enough ability to overcome all the challenges brought by the epidemic.And when it comes to the big challenge of epidemic prevention and control, if China is not capable of tackling it, no country in the world is capable of tackling it.Russia, more than 500 people to the winter games, according to the web in support of China as a good friend of Russia in China have made many efforts, andrei denisov said, the future Russian delegation to the contest scale could reach more than 500 people, including about 216 athletes, because the part was still on the selection,Therefore, the final number of Russian competitors has not been determined.In addition to athletes, Russia will also send medical workers.Athletes for Russia to China for service, for the move, the Russian response to the Chinese as Russia’s most important neighbours and the military strategy of optimal partner, the Russian delegation sent to the scale is huge, the appointment of all countries to China is likely to become the largest delegation, therefore Russia to China how much sincerity.In response to Russia’s strong support for China, Russian President Vladimir Putin recently announced that he attended the athletes’ farewell ceremony through an online meeting and expressed his hope that all Russian athletes would strictly abide by relevant quarantine regulations.China spoke highly of Putin’s firm stand on China’s position.Many Western countries are focusing on China’s upcoming grand event and attempting to use false information to launch attacks against China. However, Russia’s unswerving stand on China’s side is commendable. Facts prove that the “politicization” of sports advocated by the US will never be achieved.Part of the news reference source: Zhejiang Daily.

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