Hainanzhuang village villagers have a taste for theatrical performances

“Rural revitalization, Culture together”!On January 25th, the 23rd “Little New Year” of the 12th month of the lunar calendar, xining Evening Press and Xining Art Theater gave a wonderful performance to Hainanzhuang village, Haizigou township, Huangzhong District, making the villagers enjoy the cultural programs and feel the strong taste of the New Year.Since the middle of January this year, Xining Art Theater’s “Culture goes to Tens of thousands of people and Goes to the Countryside and benefits the people at grassroots level” has entered the villages around Xining and delivered rich cultural meals to the villagers.January 25, send drama to the countryside to benefit the people performance into the Huangzhong District Haizigou township Hainanzhuang village.More than 30 cast and crew carefully choreographed more than 10 wonderful plays, so that the audience had a full eye addiction, the stage performance was filled with enthusiasm, the audience applauded one after another.Not only that, Xining Evening News also specially invited a number of well-known calligraphers from the Municipal Federation of Literary and Art to the scene, to write a series of Spring Festival couplets full of thick flavor for the villagers, and to send festive blessings to the villagers in advance.At the end of the two-hour theatrical performance, the villagers were not exhausted, have said that Xining Evening Newspaper pair help, for the village to do a lot of practical things, this time to send drama to the countryside for everyone to bring spiritual food, let everyone feel the power of cultural propaganda.It is reported that in recent years, with the help of pairs of Xining Evening News, Hainanzhuang Village has successfully completed the targets of poverty alleviation.In recent years, the village has undergone earth-shaking changes. The organization of the village Party branch has been continuously strengthened, the infrastructure construction has been significantly improved, the ecological environment has been constantly improved, and the village is more and more beautiful.The working group of Xining Evening News took various measures to strengthen the collective economy of the village, increase the income of farmers and enrich the people’s money.The performance handed over a cultural answer sheet for the village’s pairing work, and also drew a successful conclusion for the whole series of activities of sending drama to the countryside to benefit the people.

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