More uniform more stable more efficient!Tianda “ice making” team helps green Winter Olympics

On February 4, the Winter Olympics opened in Beijing.In order to give players a good ice experience, to help them make the best competitive level, a horse too, tianjin university professor tian team in the national key research and development plan – games are special support of science and technology, through the cooperation between colleges and research and development of the international advanced carbon dioxide across critical straight cold ice making technology, built for the athletes to support the “best and fastest ice”.The renovated Capital Stadium will host both figure skating and short track speed skating.For these two events, high-quality ice surface is helpful for athletes to achieve better results. Besides the excellent skills of ice makers, the uniformity of temperature difference and hardness of ice surface determined by the ice making system is the key foundation for obtaining high-quality ice surface.Ice – making machine is the key of artificial ice rink construction.The previous winter Olympics ice rink ice machine mainly uses freon and other synthetic refrigerant technology or ammonia refrigeration technology, the former has serious greenhouse effect problem, the latter has security risks.The ice-making machine technology, which uses carbon dioxide as refrigerant and directly evaporates under the ice surface, is considered as a green, low-carbon and energy-efficient solution, but its technology has been in the hands of European and American enterprises.The in green, science and technology the games as an opportunity, through collaborative research, study the snow yue investment management (Beijing) co., LTD., tianjin university, and the astor refrigeration and solar technology (Beijing) co., LTD. And other eight units joint research and development, design, and built with independent intellectual property rights across the critical carbon dioxide straight cold ice machine group, in the capital gymnasium ice demonstration application,To serve the Winter Olympics and the National Ice and Snow Strategy.The energy-saving design is carried out from the four processes of compression, cooling, throttling and evaporation of the CARBON dioxide ice making system. For the compression process, two-stage compression is adopted to make the source energy consumption achieve “twice the result with half the effort”;Full sensible heat recovery is designed for the cooling process to recover the cooling heat, so as to meet the demand of hot water at different temperatures such as ice pouring and snow melting.For the evaporation process, direct evaporation and heat absorption under the ice surface were used to provide a stable cold supply for the ice rink, and the coils of evaporation under the ice surface and civil construction were optimized to ensure the ice surface temperature uniformity.The program ice machine from the key components to the integration of the whole machine, are to achieve domestic design, processing, assembly and operation, especially water-cooled air cooler is the first international application, effectively solve the head cooling loop long engineering problem.The comprehensive energy saving of the system is more than 50%, and the temperature difference of the ice surface is controlled within 0.3 ~ 0.4℃. Both the comprehensive energy efficiency and the temperature difference of the ice surface reach the international advanced level, so as to provide athletes with a high-quality ice surface with uniform and stable hardness.In addition, as the Capital Gymnasium also hosts figure skating and short track speed skating, they have different strict requirements on the ice thickness and temperature of the ice surface, and need to continuously carry out the rapid conversion of two pieces of ice according to the competition schedule.The project team also made full use of the uniform temperature of carbon dioxide ice, combined with precise control system and linear cooling strategy, to achieve a fast and efficient ice conversion within 2 hours, far less than the ioc’s requirement of 3 hours ice conversion.It is understood that Tianjin University is one of the earliest research teams on carbon dioxide transcritical refrigeration heat pump technology in China.The carbon dioxide transcritical direct cooling technology used in the equipment is the core achievement of the “Ice Maker RESEARCH and Development and Application Demonstration” project of the National Key Research and Development Program for the Winter Olympics.

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