The preparation before establishing the trading mode

The end of the holiday, the New Year has begun trading, simple chat a couple of questions today, in the process of trade than the ability is not the size, but can you hold their principles, not by the market about the rise and fall of mentality is the most important, to deal earnings targets also don’t too hard, in line with their own system of basic expected to go,More importantly, we have to do the right thing in the long run.Analysis system we have already finished last year, then everybody should be through this system to establish our own analysis method, analysis method, the standard, is the point of view that you look at the market, of course it is also the need of level of the ability of analysis on the basis of long-term accumulation of experience to come slowly, but as long as you are in a effective method to observe the market for a long time,You’ll always find the best deals through these.Analysis system has the following benefits 1 set up our own observation point of a wave of rising market for most of us may be a wave of rising, the average person may not get too much information, but for us, if it is to determine the AB, then this band for us is a sure chance,Therefore, the establishment of classification is to establish their own perspective to observe the market, and the key is to identify the types of opportunities in the first time.2 to chance what is basic classification, AB is the opportunity, AB start and no end, the first is the market, after the AB will be making another wave of market, if AB with strength and large range of breakthrough level caused by diffusion, so this is in a long time all need to pay attention to and grasp the opportunity.So the same rise, with a new definition, the opportunity becomes clearer.Above is analysis system, we speak a lot of things about analysis system, the definition of the trend, the spread of the level, the operation of the ABCD basic condition, how to participate in AB and CD technique problem, and the complexity of the CD is how to form and so on, after clear up these problems when any global market, any variety,You can use this system to fully interpret and identify opportunities, which is a big premise before trading, and this premise is the actual trading problem.Trading of well, then, is to oneself can identify the opportunities for actual participation in the process of it involves several problems one time two strategies standard 3 approach and stop 4 risk control 5 what is the timing consistency, some people understand is a standard, is the way to approach others understand, understanding each person is different, but I need a standard,For example, line is running in the process of CD must be accompanied by a short cycle shift after the callback, so for me the opportunity to should enter convergence is when an option within short period was approaching divergence, convergence, such as average or consolidation range, especially the consolidation time as long as possible, then can form directly above the big market in 30 minutes daily band mood,This is the CD we want.So timing is two ways of understanding, one is the trial-and-error standard and the other is the market’s warning of volatility, and when volatility goes down that’s when we’re going to prepare for a lot of trading.Before we talk about the schedule, make breakthrough deal after start is not a breakthrough, but a breakthrough before, such as you five minutes to determine signal and after hours into the convergence in 5 minutes to determine signal, in the face of the odds and wind than must be distinct, hour signal can be done in the large fluctuation of divergence, but the hours in a small fluctuation signals in the convergence,Signals that the trend is after the first turn require a lot of work, and the logic behind this needs to be understood.Large fluctuations is headed for the timing, the trend for the first time to the timing is so timing is tell whether we should start to prepare the deal, opportunity has come, the trend for the first time, and market convergence, in both cases corresponding to many of the same graphics standards, this standard requires its own set up, but the premise is have so of consciousness.I’m saying this very simply because I’ve reduced all the prices to two, leaving out the other ones that I can’t read, and what is readable and what is not readable, that’s what the analytical system tells us.Standard strategy, strategy is to play, it is the current trend of breakthrough and steering, what cycle, what criteria, the transaction level to determine the performance of according to oneself, to trade market level and participation level to match the performance of approach, after is the standard question, but the graphics aesthetic feeling something still need to practice.When this standard is established, after all your entry is this standard, no matter what market you participate in, trading what mode, to the current trend to the standard level of entry conditions this factor will not change.We slowly began to talk about the overall trend after the current trend will be very little, but this is a very important knowledge point, the current trend is the market trend of the past two days to understand, for trading efficiency and the choice of entry timing will be greatly enhanced, do not understand from the previous articles to find the answer.Stop-loss also said we need to focus on the problem, why didn’t stop, stop loss is not an end in my opinion, just do the means of risk management, and only one of them, stop the way of change will directly affect the strategy to finally complete the output, so actually speak stop-loss is strategy, this is a big topic.So you have to figure out for yourself what are your strategy components, semi-quantitative quantitative signals?Or subjective trends?Or a single breed strategy?Different strategy types stop way have very big difference, but the system is exactly the same, that is why the same system effects that different people use different, because the person is different, different risk preference personality preferences, finally the risk management in different ways, so discuss the stop-loss is to make final setting for trading strategies.Do modeling, quantification, then stop loss is also a standard, because the strategy itself is more focused on the pattern of more important action consistency, variable components are lower.If you do the subjective trend, it is likely not to use the pattern of stop loss, but to use the risk control rules, and the general trend to stop loss, the variable is the change of position management mode, if it is a single variety may add multi-cycle strategy, from the book display will appear hedging and other means, this is the difference.Well, that is formally established trading system before the preparatory work, establish analysis system to analyze the market point of view, to determine opportunities type, size, to recognize opportunities and then set into their own performance acceptance policy model, is the current trend to rely on, also is in the standard, no matter what mode, or subjective tendency of whatever you doThe actions are delivered in the same way, but the risks are handled differently, resulting in a variety of strategies.That’s all for today, thank you!I wish you all the best in the New Year!

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