Xing Yunbo, outstanding entrepreneur in Shandong Province: Let the source of innovation continue to flow

On February 7th, the first day of the New Year, Xing Yunbo, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Tianrun United Group Co., LTD, won the medal of “Outstanding Entrepreneur of Shandong Province” after attending the shandong 2022 work mobilization meeting.Xing Yunbo, 73, was even more in high spirits against the golden medal: “Achievements are not only the affirmation of the past work, but also the expectation of our future work. In the New Year, Tianrun United Group will continue to adhere to innovation-driven, first-class products, concentrate on the main business!”From a worker in Wendeng crankshaft factory to the chairman of the listed company, Xing Yunbo led Tianrun to fight for a piece of world in the international market.Over the past 30 years, he has always adhered to the principle of technology and management. On the basis of the perfection of the main business, he has constantly explored the second main business and promoted the transformation of old driving forces and industrial transformation and upgrading of the enterprise.Now, under the leadership of Xing Yunbo, Tianrun United Group has achieved 60% market share in the domestic heavy truck crankshaft, becoming the single champion enterprise in China’s manufacturing industry, the single champion enterprise in China’s casting industry, and the leader in the domestic crankshaft and connecting rod industry.At present, we walk into the intelligent manufacturing workshop of Tianrun Industrial Technology Co., LTD., which is owned by Tianrun United Group. The products are under the control of “intelligent brain”, polished by manipulator and CNC machine tools, and then “walk” into the finished product area in an orderly manner.These crankshaft, connecting rod products will be sent to Germany Daimler, The United States Caterpillar, Cummins and other world famous manufacturers.Orders are coming from the core strength of the “Day” brand.Since the beginning of the company, Xing Yunbo has regarded independent technological innovation as the main line of the company’s development.As early as 2010, Xing Yunbo led the cooperation with Shandong University of Technology to carry out joint technological research and development in the field of casting.In 2012, the company invented the high-performance ductile iron material, compared with the traditional same kind of highest performance ductile iron, the plasticity index increased by 150%, toughness increased by about 70%, for ductile iron to replace forged steel applied in high power density internal combustion engine crankshaft laid a foundation.The company participated in the research and development of the “micro tin high strength and toughness ductile iron key technology and power machinery core parts industrialization” project also won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress.However, Tianrun United Group has never stopped the pace of technological innovation.Xing Yunbo continued to increase the investment in the company’s RESEARCH and development funds, and extracted more than 3.5% of the product sales revenue for research and development to ensure the investment in technology research and development.At the same time, it also gives great support in hardware, building technology building and laboratory, introducing a large number of foreign advanced testing equipment, such as Adcole comprehensive measuring instrument from the United States, direct reading spectrometer from Germany, carbon and sulfur analysis machine, to ensure the reliability of product quality, advanced and stability of new technology and new process.Under the leadership of Xing Yunbo, the company focuses on establishing and improving the technological innovation system, and has successively built five provincial-level r&d platforms, such as national technology center, postdoctoral research workstation and academician workstation, and has applied for more than 200 patents of various kinds.In 2020, through technological innovation, Tianrun Industry solved the technical problems of cast iron performance and processing process constraints, realized the high power density internal combustion engine crankshaft iron instead of steel, better solved the common problems of resource consumption and pollution emissions in the industry, and was identified as the national “green factory”.”This process is used in all the crankshafts we produce now.”XingYunBo introduction, nowadays, with the core technology research and development of the ductile iron crankshaft fatigue strength and wear resistance has reached the level of steel shaft, for the first time in the industry of high power density of internal combustion engine crankshaft in iron and steel, wood for weichai, tin, cummins, caterpillar and other famous enterprises at home and abroad to form a complete set, save more than 20000 tons of steel, reduce the cost of about 20% at the same time for the company,Expand the market share for the company by 10%.It has 283 national patents, including 58 invention patents, and 21 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards…Behind the honor, it shows the wisdom of a manager — based on technology, speaking with products, to show the world the hard power of a hundred years of run.With the expansion of the production scale of the enterprise, especially facing the challenge of the international advanced management standard system, Xing Yunbo realized the importance of the advanced management standard system.Countless cases show the cruelty of reality: unchanged, in situ, will be left behind by The Times.In order to adapt to, grasp and lead the new normal of economic development, and promote the transformation of enterprises from high-speed growth to high-quality development, Xing Yunbo led his team to travel around the world, learning from foreign leading enterprises, and standardized the operation and management system of world-class enterprises in the auto parts industry such as ThyssenKrupp, Barratt and Mahler.Research process, XingYunBo found that different companies and industries have different values, each set of operations management system is a unique, direct copy foreign company excellent operating management system, content with tianrun to management system of strategic planning, values and experience directly related and implement, to achieve high growth to changes in the development of high quality enterprise’s strategy,Tianrun must create unique tianrun characteristics of the management system.As soon as you decide.Since 2013, Xing Yunbo and his team have introduced the “strategic triangle theory of creating advantages”, combined with the 60 years of experience accumulation and cultural heritage of Tianrun, based on the lean production management system and experience of Toyota, Cummins, Carter and other enterprises,The integration of automobile industry IATF16949, environmental management system, occupational safety and health management system, safety production standardization and other general industry or national standards, creatively established a unique tianrun characteristics of production and operation management system – TRPS.”TRPS is the abbreviation of TianRun Production System, meaning TianRun Production and operation Management System, which applies to the whole TianRun Joint Group.”Xing yunbo said that the system runs through the entire operation process and standard from order to delivery, and supports the ten standardized processes with four manuals, including system manual, operation manual, tool manual and evaluation manual.With TRPS system, the company develops like a tiger with wings added.In the implementation of standardized operation process, continuously improve the quality and efficiency of work through operation tools;Use evaluation tools to judge the effectiveness of the improvement work, and finally form a standardized workflow to realize the transformation from extensive management to fine management.”In recent years, we can see that the TRPS system supports the autonomy and efficient operation of the company.”Xing yunbo commented that the TRPS system has helped the company to achieve significant changes in production methods and intelligent and high-end manufacturing, making the company embark on the road of high-quality development and transformation and upgrading.After that, they will continue to refine the system as the company grows.(Hi Weihai client reporter Gong Ziyuan/file photo)

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