After the Sino-Russian joint statement, the White House tried to sow discord again, claiming that the US and China have their own relationship

Previous Winter Olympics received far less attention than the Summer Olympics, but this winter Olympics has been made into a party by China. Why is China doing this?Not to show off its own strength, but to strengthen global solidarity and enhance global confidence in promoting development.Because of COVID-19, the global economy has been hovering for about two years, and some regions have even gone backwards. The world is full of anxiety, fear and discontent.If these feelings are not resolved, they could lead to a volatile situation around the world.Under such circumstances, a big country like the United States should play a positive role, but the United States is doing damage everywhere and driving a wedge between countries, so It is necessary for China to step up and promote communication between countries.Therefore, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games not only welcome athletes to participate, but also welcome political leaders from all over the world to attend.Many state leaders issued joint statements with China after coming to China, further consolidating relations with China.They also see hope for the future.Russia is the first country to sign a cooperation agreement and issue a joint statement with China during the Winter Olympics.Unexpectedly, after the Sino-Russian joint statement, the United States was very unhappy.The reason why the United States has such a reaction is that it is jealous of China’s achievements and the close relationship between China and Russia, because these situations will affect the Hegemony of the United States.Just as Russia cannot accept Ukraine’s membership of NATO, the United States cannot accept shrinking hegemony.So when China and Russia unveiled the contents of the joint statement, the White House’s first response was to provoke.The US is using the situation in Ukraine to instigate Sino-Russian relations in an attempt to separate the two countries.The joint statement not only mentioned China-Russia relations, but also the international order and global governance system.From the perspective of China and Russia, the current international security situation is not optimistic, and the unilateralist thoughts and practices of some countries are an important factor affecting global security.He criticized the United States without mentioning it by name.China and Russia have called on some countries to give up the Cold War mentality, not to continue the eastward expansion of NATO, and also to abandon the Indo-Pacific strategy, so as to avoid complicating the regional situation.Unexpectedly, in response to such a statement, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki insisted that “China and the United States have their own relationship,” saying that the two sides have maintained a very high level of contact.This is a sharp departure from the previous US attitude towards China.Both Trump and Biden said that China is the biggest competitor of the United States, and there are only limited areas where the United States and China can cooperate to strengthen competition with China.The US has been claiming that China undermines the international order and challenges world peace. It really does not know what Psaki means by saying that China and the US have their own relations.While wooing China, the US is attacking Russia, and at the same time making an issue of the situation in Ukraine and mentioning the so-called Russian aggression against Ukraine.She said Russia’s actions threatened global economic development and security, adding that this was a point that the Chinese foreign minister and the US secretary of state stressed in their talks.The United States is a master of fabricating lies and sowing discord. China and Russia have already seen through the tricks of the United States. Therefore, psaki’s remarks will not affect the cooperative relations between China and Russia, but will only make China and Russia more united in case they fall into the trap of the United States in the future.During the Winter Olympics, energy companies of China and Russia signed many agreements, such as Russia will supply China with 100 million tons of oil.The two countries have taken concrete actions to tell the United States that discord does not work well in the face of China and Russia.Disclaimer: original content, picture material from the network, such as infringement, please contact to delete.For more exciting content, check out the City of the Atom

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