Bean paste crisp this practice is also too delicious, crisp to drop residue, a really good taste

# # this is NianWeiEr in January, is the time to visit friends and relatives, when a person of the guest in the home, in addition to take guests to dinner, meal tea snack little also not, our tea snacks, typically like Chinese dim sum, because during the Spring Festival is a string of elders, and Chinese pastry is to the taste of them, the other Chinese dim sum and tea is also very.Then today to share a very delicious dim sum, it is “red bean cake”, but today share the bean paste cake is modified, the traditional bean paste cake production, need lard cake, modified version is used vegetable oil instead of lard, but the effect to be made as crisp delicious, though the production process is a bit long, but every step is very simple,Is a high success rate of Chinese dim sum.Without further words, let’s take a look at the details of how to treat guests with homemade dim sum during the Spring Festival.Outermost layer of skin material: 75 g 225 g Chinese style pastry flour, corn oil, powdered sugar 25 g, 94 g water pastry ingredients: 175 g Chinese style pastry flour, corn oil, 70 grams of auxiliary materials: 500 grams of red bean paste, ripe black sesame, egg yolk, a moderate amount of 1 1, the lining of the oil, then all the ingredients into the bowl and knead into a smooth dough, knead into the plastic bag, after a good rest for 20 minutes.Warm prompt, if you are not smooth, can first and dough, cover with plastic wrap and let stand for 10 minutes, it is easy to rub smooth 2, and then put the cake to all the ingredients into the bowl, also knead dough, kneaded after loading in the plastic bag, let stand 20 minutes 3, 20 minutes later, the outermost layer of skin rolling, put the cake on the outermost layer of skin, wrapped up, package,4. After wrapping, close side down, cover with plastic wrap and let loose for 10 minutes.5, 10 minutes later, roll out the dough slightly, put the bean paste filling round, wrap it up 6, wrap it up, first crush it with the palm of your hand, and then roll it out with a rolling pin, as thin as possible.Warm prompt, can wipe on a bit of flour dough pad anti-sticking 7, then we will be folded after 8, folded in half, to continue with a rolling pin roll, try to roll thin 9, then use knife cut into strips, transverse now preheat oven to 170 degrees as fire 10 and then cut into small pieces, put into a non-stick pan (if your oven is not a non-stick pan, is adhering to cushion the paper).Formula amount is a bit more today, first make friend, suggested that the formula in half to make 11, and egg yolk liquid on the brush, then sprinkle with ripe black sesame 12 middle, finally into the preheated oven, up and down the fire 165 degrees bake for 35 minutes, midway found after coloring, need timely with tin foil, avoid color too deep 13, need not fat,1, corn oil can also be used to replace other tasteless vegetable oil, but like peanut oil, rapeseed oil and other large smell of vegetable oil, it is not recommended to use, because after making, refined oil taste big, not delicious.2, when they buy bean paste, do not choose too wet soft bean paste, this kind of bean paste is not easy to shape, bad operation when producing, baking more out 3, if you baked bean paste cake, tastes a bit wet after cool, crisp enough, so is no bake, only need to put back into the oven at this time, using the low temperature of 145 degrees, fire and bake in a few minutes.

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