Liquor new standard: no fermentation beyond the addition, high-tech hook tone of molecular formula to add how to say

In the first part, we discuss why baijiu is bad to drink. In the second part, we discuss why people like drinking baijiu.In this article, we discuss what kind of baijiu we should drink, or how to find the wine we should drink.As we all know, Chinese liquor has a clean identity and a real meaning of liquor since June 1 this year.In fact, in the 1960s, there was a national standard for liquor: no addition to fermentation.Such a straightforward standard, selectively forgotten by the drinks industry for more than 50 years, seems to have never existed.The definition of the new national standard for liquor: “with grain as the main raw material, with daqu, ditqu, bran qu, enzyme preparations and yeast as saccharification starter, after cooking, saccharification, fermentation, distillation, aging, blending of distilled liquor”.The new national standard has been broadened to include a variety of fermentation agents and allowed blending, which is greatly expanded from the old standard.That is to say, the traditional “wine koji” added modern chemical preparation “enzyme preparation” variety, traditional original wine more “hook tone”.But in the overall concept, the abandonment of the addition of alcohol flavor, still can be regarded as a fundamental progress.Especially in the case of alcohol flooding and occupying the absolute market share for more than 30 years, the introduction and implementation of the new standard shows the determination and dignity of the management level.Chinese liquor is characterized by “solid state fermentation” and “solid state distillation” of “grain”, and the original liquor is no longer added with any foreign substances, including alcohol, essence and water.Yellow rice wine aged one year after the supply on the market, liquor can be immediately listed.Jangju needs to be aged for four years before it can be sold.In the new standard, “bran koji” and “enzyme preparation” are added for solid fermentation, with the aim of improving grain yield and speeding up fermentation time.Although it is not as good as traditional daqu Xiaoqu liquor in terms of flavor, it does not exceed the scope of “beyond fermentation” and should be within the standard of liquor.But the word “blending” is easy to produce ambiguity, the industry is the blending and blending strictly distinguished, “blending” is the blending of wine and wine, “blending” is the blending of wine and alcohol flavor.However, modern science and technology has a new understanding and treatment of liquor microsubstances — solidified things in the liquor body, and molecular formula will be added when blending to achieve flavor fullness and balance.Does this level of foreign addition count as “addition to fermentation”?To be precise, the solidified substance in the liquor, just over 2%, determines the flavor and taste of the liquor.On the other hand, the solidified material determines the quality and price of the wine.Therefore, the solidified matter in liquor body is the focus and pain point of liquor brewing industry.The great development of liquor flavor in more than 50 years is precisely the research and manufacture of this kind of substance, which has already formed a huge industry.Nearly 200 products are precise and sophisticated enough to easily turn “water and alcohol” into fine wine and a variety of flavors.In recent years, the baijiu industry has somewhat reined in after years of consumer backlash, with fully alcoholic spirits reserved only at the lower end.High-grade products use part of the original wine, high-grade products use all the original wine, but almost none of the zero addition.In particular, some so-called “true vintage” products are also inevitably added, and the evidence is obvious, such as soy wine, all batches of products have the same flavor, which is theoretically impossible, only adding can do it.There are even three years of commercial wine, contrary to the common sense that only five years of jangju can be listed, enough to prove that it is not the real vintage of the original wine.The new standard for baijiu is the Announcement of China National Standard No.7, 2021 issued by Standardization Administration on May 21 last year.The two national standards of GB/T 15109-2021 “Liquor Industry Terms” and GB/T 17204-2021 “Beverage Liquor Terms and Classification” have been officially released, and the implementation date is June 1, 2022.It’s been almost a year since launch, and on the face of it, nothing has happened to the industry.Generally speaking, more than 90% of the blended wine in the market, these are not liquor liquor, should have a positive reaction, at least after June can not be sold as liquor.But did not see the conventional destocking phenomenon, such as promotion, fire sale, what left a lot of imagination.If this continues, it is most likely to be a new vest, a new bottle or a new label.The reason is simple, there will be no baijiu on supermarket shelves, it will be blended.What can be done?We can’t take them all off the shelves. It’s the only way.According to a report by Huaxia Liquor Daily the day before yesterday (February 17), the production capacity of soy liquor in China in 2021 was about 600,000 million liters, almost the same as that in 2020, accounting for 8.4 percent of the 7.1563 million liters of Chinese liquor production.The sales revenue reached 190 billion yuan, up 22.6% year on year, accounting for about 31.5% of China’s liquor industry sales revenue of 603.348 billion yuan;The profit reached about 78 billion yuan, up 23.8% year on year, accounting for about 45.8% of China’s liquor industry profit of 170.194 billion yuan.This group of data is to show that the current such a large market volume, even a small segment of sauce wine is so powerful, really when it comes to the implementation of new standards, the market may have a big problem.As mentioned above, there is too little real white wine, and then there is suddenly no white wine on the shelf, what to do?As a drinker, the big environment is not clear, buy wine, drink can not be confused, otherwise there is no wine to drink is trouble.At present, the following preparations should be made: First, if there are fixed channels, prepare some wine in advance, at least enough for half a year.Fixed channels refer to that the liquor bought at ordinary times is genuine, genuine, high-quality and cost-effective.Second, the budget is not famine, now the high-end liquor is basically real liquor, even if there is a trace of substance added no one knows.You can buy it anytime you have the money, the only thing to watch out for is fake wine.Third, if there is no fixed channel to buy wine, we should pay close attention to finding reliable channels through drinking friends and platforms around us.In short, it is not difficult to drink good wine, as long as you find the right channels and the right people.1. White wine is bitter and spicy, but people enjoy it. Is the charm of alcohol really so strong?2. Is the nature of drinking a tool to help you climb to the top of your life, or a key to open the door of your heart?

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