The game “Red Dead Redemption 2” read briefly

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a role-playing open world action game.It’s also the most challenging game I’ve ever played.Similarly, there are the Wild West series. The two games are different in many aspects, but also very similar. First, they both refer to living and fighting in the Western environment, second, the mission mechanics, and third, the duel system.But most importantly, the character.The character machines in both games are similar, both are cowboys.Next, LET me talk briefly about the basics of Red Dead Redemption.Red Dead Redemption 2 follows Arthur Morgan and his partner Vanderlin as they help a group of friends escape from unity to disintegration.From what I can tell from watching the video, Arthur will die, most of the Van Der Lin gang will die, and only a few will survive, either to be taken alive and sentenced to “imprisonment” or recruited as bounty hunters.Unlike The Wild West, Red Dead Redemption is built in the wild.Next, let’s talk about the equipment: the initial equipment is a single-action revolver with a caliber of about 7.62 mm. Because of the need for self-protection, the single-action revolver can use the method of waist firing to pull the hammer, and the hit rate of six rounds of handgun is quite high.100 percent rapid-fire hit at 50 meters eye of Death.After completing the first mission, the second mission goes hunting, giving us a crude bow and 22 arrows, which can be used for both hunting and assassination.After that, the weapon to be acquired would be a lever rifle, 7.62 caliber, which would be taken at a base of the O ‘Driscoll Gang, which would be the first battle in a gang crisis.Oh, and there will also be two 12-caliber double-barreled shotguns to be acquired in the early stages.One was a sawed-off 12-caliber shotgun, obtained during a gang rescue in a snowy area where wolves were easy to find.The other was a long gun recovered during the attack on the other camp.On a mantelpiece, with hundreds of game coins hidden inside.I haven’t played the rest of the levels yet.But I dare say that the later levels are more open and daring than the previous ones.In fact, in this game, we will encounter something new: human nature test of good and evil.In this game, good and evil lead directly to the judgment of the crowd and the next action.For example, if honor points or humanity is bad, the next level you are opened to is the level of sexual evil, such as loan sharking, such as violence collection, of course, will trigger more duels.If it gets bad publicity, it might end customs clearance early.Red Dead Redemption 1 (PS3 only) is about a man who, for many reasons, fights against the Van Der Linen Gang. The clues are uncertain, but now this article appears two, is actually a prequel to one, tells the story of the Van Der Linen Gang from loss to rebirth to destruction.The most dramatic of these are the Van der Lin Gang, the Oscott Gang, and a detective agency, the Pinkerton Detective Agency.According to the documents I reviewed on the Internet, the Pinkerton Detective Agency really existed and actually contributed to the local police’s efforts to crack down on gangsters, as well as serving as the Intelligence division of the Union Army to carry out counter-intelligence operations against the South during the Civil War.In addition, the bounty hunter appeared in OL, also appeared in this work, is another assistant of the local police and public security administration.According to the local security wanted notice, capture the reward head (wanted person), bring back to the security department, according to the security department arrest identification to obtain the reward.That’s how modern bounty hunters come to work.The most common partner of bounty hunters is not the city Police, code-named PD, but the suburban Sheriff.One of the few people who worked with them in the federal government was a man called Marshal.Federal marshals pursue fugitives in this matter is urgent, but it is not good, because sometimes the bailiff once stepped in, is bound to suffer the largest fire fighting, they are not don’t want to, but did not dare to pursue, so they commissioned fire even more powerful, free action more quickly the bounty hunter, hold the warrants.Bounty hunters hunt them down, they die in vain, they’re the ones who deserve the reward, the desperadoes who work for the government’s money.It’s not that the sheriff doesn’t want to go, it’s that the sheriff’s team is too small, and there’s too much going on to keep them busy, so they turn some of the fugitives, the recovery of stolen wagons and other property over to the bounty hunters.In the end, nothing.This game said fun fun, said not fun is not fun, the key is to see their own players!In addition, games reflect all kinds of things that people often do in society, including making mistakes, gambling, fighting, drinking, losing temper and so on.Remember to control all of our negative emotions in reality, after all, our life, our honor value (praise points) is not easy to accumulate, we do a hundred good things others may not say anything, but as long as we do one bad thing, the reputation will plummet.That’s how bad news spreads when good news stays in the house.Finally, the fifth day of the lunar New Year, remember to worship the God of wealth, welcome the Kitchen God, exercise muscles and bones, ready to open the market.Refueling oh, like Old Xu, remember comments and recommendations ha, break off

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