Yang Lake mouth a “mad cow” out of control wounding, police shot decisively to kill it!

“Bang, bang, bang…”At 19:40 on March 18, Zhang Yajun, director of The Yanghukou police station, opened several shots in his hand, and killed the “mad cow” that had injured people.At about 19 o ‘clock in the evening, Yanghukou police station received a public alarm, in the jurisdiction of Li Baqiao administrative village Houwang village a cattle farm breeding suddenly out of control, the breeder injured after fleeing the farm, may hurt people again at any time.A warning is a command.After receiving the police, the director of the police station Zhang Yajun, instructor Liu Feng led the staff on duty quickly arrived at the scene, at this time out of control “mad cow” is hovering near the village, many unknown crowds are watching.”The cow is out of control and, if not dealt with promptly, could endanger the lives of the people around it at any time.”The police immediately evacuated the crowd and reported to the bureau leadership, requesting support.Deputy director Sun Xinren immediately led special patrol brigade members arrived at the scene.After the owner of the farm agreed to solicit, the police quickly developed a killing program, Zhang Yajun with years of Interpol experience, take the initiative to kill mad cow task.At about 19:40, Zhang Yajun decided to kill the “mad cow” after ensuring that the surrounding environment met the conditions for safe shooting.”Bang”, “mad cow” in the head after a gun and did not answer and fall, but rushed to shoot Zhang Yajun, Zhang Yajun not disorderly, even several shots, the success of the mad cow killed.”Thank you so much. We don’t know what else would have happened if you had removed the security risk.”The farm owner thanked the police repeatedly.Police remind cattle frightened, strong fierce difficult to subdue, easy to hurt the innocent.If the masses find this kind of situation, should stay away from the scene, immediately call the police for help, remember not to close to onlookers, do not deal with it without authorization, not to make the move of “mad cow”, so as not to cause personal injury.

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