How to increase the number of group service numbers?6 ways to Increase fan engagement!

For the service number, there are four group Posting opportunities in a month, which is a little less for most accounts and the interaction with fans is not enough. So how can we increase the number of group Posting of service number and improve the interaction with fans?There are 6 ways to increase the number of bouts!Send a number of times to make good use of the opportunity to send four times, strive for several times each time, a maximum of eight messages can be sent, a month can send 32 messages, directly in the public number background – text message new message.Advanced Group Sending Advanced group sending can send different messages to fans based on the fan tag or openID.At present, wechat supports a maximum of 100 fan tag groups, and each tag group can be sent 4 times a month. After determining the target of advanced group sending, advanced group sending can allow you to have 400 group sending opportunities every month.It is important to note that each fan receives no more than four group messages a month.Customer service message group hair customer service message group can take the initiative to 48 hours on the public number of interaction fans send messages, does not account for the service number 4 times a month group hair opportunity;Interaction includes: fans actively send messages, payment is successful, and sesame customer service background set click automatic reply (blue words).Template message Group message Template message is a special group message function of the service number. It can send important service notifications to fans. It is not restricted by the four times a month group message of the service number, but can also send to fans who have not interacted for more than 48 hours.There are three types of template messages: no jump, skip applets, skip links, you can choose according to your own needs.Group messages can be sent unsolicited to fans who have not interacted with each other for more than 48 hours, but messages can be sent in the form of temporary links. Currently, each official account can send a maximum of 100 messages per day.Delayed reply Fans can send a message to their followers within 48 hours after they generate a conversation, follow, scan code, or click menu, which does not account for the number of posts per month.# wechat official account #

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