Xi ‘an Team: In 2021, the website of Xi ‘an team won another good performance

In 2021, xi ‘an investigation team earnestly implemented the spirit of the Notice of The Secretariat of The General Office of the State Council on Printing and Issuing The Annual Assessment Indicators of Government Websites and New Government Affairs Media, and actively promoted the operation and maintenance management of portal websites.Clearly assign special personnel to take charge of maintenance and management information web site updates, strictly implement the website information release audit, censorship, update all kinds of statistical investigation information, publicity of xi ‘an survey teams all aspects of work, do a good job in xi ‘an emphatically the data of investigations of the people’s livelihood, in the service of the public in a timely and effective manner in daily life and enterprise production and operation,Xi ‘an will continue to expand the influence of statistical surveys abroad.The National Bureau of Statistics on their government website to conduct a comprehensive inspection and the second in selectiving examination, xi ‘an team portal scored an average of 95.2 points for the full year, higher than the average of 8.8 points, the National Bureau of Statistics on the government website and e-government in the fourth quarter of 2021 new media bulletin check situation and the overall situation for the whole year, xi ‘an team portals are cited.In 2022, xi ‘an team will be in accordance with the secretariat of The General Office of the State Council concerning the government website and e-government new media inspection and supervision work annual appraisal indicators notice “issued by the State Council general office on the government website development guide notice documentation requirements, such as increasing site safety management and daily maintenance work,According to the quarterly inspection and analysis report of the census leading group of the National Government website of the National Bureau of Statistics, carefully comb out all kinds of problems found in the inspection, find the cause of the existing problems, and timely rectify and improve according to the relevant regulations and requirements of the public website.Further strengthen the website operation and maintenance management, improve the information release mechanism, while ensuring the timely update of content, improve the quality of information.Improve the interactive communication function of the website, smooth interactive response channels, and actively respond to public concerns.Innovate the form of statistical data release and interpretation, strengthen interpretation, strictly interpret standards, optimize data query services, and further improve the ability and level of our website in government affairs openness, public service, information sharing and other aspects.

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