Yibin City Xuzhou Baixi Street Central Kindergarten to carry out curriculum review work

On January 18, 2022, The curriculum review meeting was held in Baixi Street Central Kindergarten of Xuzhou District, Yibin City, aiming to consolidate the teaching achievements, improve the professional skills of teachers and promote the professional growth of kindergarten teachers.Xuzhou District teacher training center preschool education teaching and research staff Xie Xiangjun full guidance.First of all, the head teacher of each class communicated and summarized the courses of this semester by PPT.The teachers carefully analyzed the age characteristics of children, as well as the development in the activity, but also reflected on the shortcomings in the activity.In the exchange and discussion, combined with the puzzles and problems raised by teachers, the highlights and shortcomings of class activities were analyzed, and the gains and losses in the process of activities were summarized. Teacher Xie proposed that “the focus of curriculum communication should explain the methods adopted by teachers and the development of children”.Then, Teacher Xie analyzed the “sansheng” curriculum plan of the kindergarten and put forward feasible modification strategies to help teachers clarify their thinking and point out the direction.Through the development of the curriculum review, the kindergart-based curriculum structure is clearer, teachers’ communication and sharing skills are more sophisticated, and the kindergarten kindergarten quality is better.(Gong Min/Deng Xia)

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